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    Showing 10 of 339 Blog Posts Learn the fundamentals of drawing in Procreate® Learn to draw in Procreate® with this essential tutorial about utilizing reference photos in your art. In this beginner... Learn how to animate in Procreate Dreams – no drawing required! In this fun and imaginative tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to create a whimsical... Learn to draw a grouping of bread loaves with a beautiful dry brush texture Let’s bake beautiful bread in Procreate! Follow along with me in my... Paint watercolor in Procreate with FREE brushes! Join me in painting a vibrant orange in beautiful digital watercolor in Procreate! Using brushes from my FREE Watercolor... Learn how to animate in Procreate Dreams in the FREE Quick-Start Workshop! Get ready to discover the world of animation! Procreate Dreams is now available and... Watch my Procreate Dreams Demo from Playgrounds InMotion, London There’s a lot packed into this short Procreate Dreams demo! In this video, you’ll get a taste... Get ready for a cozy fall Procreate tutorial! In this Procreate tutorial, I’ll walk you through a straightforward method to draw charmingly imperfect pumpkins and create... What is Procreate Dreams? On September 8th, 2023 in London, Procreate CEO James Cuda announced the company’s been hard at work putting together an entirely new... Get ready to dive into an illustration filled with summer fun! 🏊‍♀️💦 Are you as excited about the Barbie movie coming out as I am!? I’m... Learn the easiest method for making repeating patterns in Procreate! Get ready to learn how to make the easy repeating patterns in Procreate! This method is so...