Make the EASIEST Repeating Patterns in Procreate

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Learn the easiest method for making repeating patterns in Procreate!

Get ready to learn how to make the easy repeating patterns in Procreate! This method is so simple and easy to do, you’ll be able to create a ton of unique patterns in no time at all. In this quick Procreate tutorial, I’ll teach you three methods for making easy seamless repeating patterns you can use in design work, print on fabric, apparel, home goods, and more!
To test your patterns, use this handy tool! I recommend using split-screen view with Procreate and Safari or Chrome. You can then drag a single layer directly from Procreate onto the tester page and see your pattern repeat instantly. You can even adjust the scale to see how your pattern looks at different sizes. Find the tool quickly by going to

Learn THREE methods for making easy repeating patterns in Procreate:

This is the easiest of the easiest pattern-making methods in Procreate. Even the most simple shape or motif can make a striking pattern in mere minutes. Follow along in the tutorial to create the flower and polka dot patterns below.

Simple Flower Pattern

Polka Dot Pattern

More examples using the Simple Repeat method

If your artwork is more of an irregular shape, you might employ this Reverse Repeat method. Simply Flip your center artwork Horizontally or Vertically and reposition using Procreate’s Transform tools. This method will give your pattern much more visual interest!

Banana Pattern

Flying Bird Pattern

More examples using the Reverse Repeat method

If you artwork is rather large and overlaps when you move it into the corners, use it to your advantage to create a stunning pattern. Move your center artwork in-between two of the “corner” artwork layers. Rearrange layers to control what parts of your artwork is overlapping.

Overlapping Circle Pattern

More examples using the Overlap Repeat method

Want to learn more about making patterns?

Be sure to head to the Pattern-Making Resource page I mention at the end of the video. There you’ll find lots of pattern information, including:

  • How patterns work
  • Pattern vocabulary
  • Repeat types explained
  • Pattern design inspiration Pinterest board
  • Ideas for how to use your patterns
  • Places to purchase custom-printed goods
  • Another Procreate pattern tutorial!
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