Lisa Bardot

About the lady that makes the brushes

Lisa Bardot is an illustration artist, teacher, and all-around creative person. With the iPad and Procreate as her medium of choice, she creates industry-leading digital brushes, tutorials, and art-making resources to help beginners and experienced artists alike find joy in creating. Her tutorials and classes have been viewed by millions, with high praise for her thorough, concise, and fun teaching style. Additionally, she runs Making Art Everyday, providing drawing prompts and challenges to help people overcome fears and develop an art-making practice, as well as Art Maker’s Club, a joy-filled creative community and learning hub for digital art-makers.

Lisa + Procreate = LOVE

I received my first iPad as a gift from my husband after the birth of our first child in 2013. It did not take me long to discover the Procreate app and how fun and easy it was to draw on my iPad with a stylus. Fast forward to late 2015, when Apple announced the iPad Pro and the (I mean this in all seriousness) life-changing Apple Pencil. This combination of tools led to some major development in my career as an artist. Most importantly, it enabled me to incorporate daily art-making into my life again. As I started using Procreate more and more, I felt that something was missing from the brushes available in the app. I went searching the market for premium-quality brushes and turned up empty-handed. I wasn’t able to create what I saw in my mind with the tools that were available. I sought to fill the hole with custom-made, illustration-focused Procreate brushes.

Since 2016, almost 2 million brush sets have been downloaded by amazing artists around the world – that’s tens of millions of Bardot brushes out there helping Procreate users create fun, colorful, and meaningful works of art, illustrations, and hand lettering pieces.