How to Draw Dry Brush Bread in Procreate

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Learn to draw a grouping of bread loaves with a beautiful dry brush texture

Let’s bake beautiful bread in Procreate! Follow along with me in my NEW YouTube tutorial as I guide you through my fun and easy process to make a set of quirky loaves of bread. I’ll show you how to create a balanced composition by sketching out simple shapes. I’ll also share a cool trick for drawing expressive angular shapes with the Selection tool and then we’ll paint in some delicious dry brush texture to get that perfect shade of golden-brown. Let’s whip up some playful loaves of bread! 🍞✨

Canvas Size Used: 3800×2800 Pixels

Brushes Used

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Artwork made using this Tutorial

Amy at 5:38 am

How can I create extremely fine watercolour brushes or find them, thank you

Gayle Nightingale at 6:04 am

thank you for listing out the brushes


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