Skillshare Classes taught by Lisa

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We’ll start at the very beginning by first introducing you to the popular drawing and painting app, Procreate. I’ll guide you through the app’s most essential features, then we’ll jump into drawing! You’ll complete 20 mini-tutorials that focus on food, plants, animals, and objects. Each week, you’ll have five short 15-20 minute drawing sessions to complete at your own pace.

Get ready to add some movement and magic to your art and create animations that sparkle, spin, and dance while learning how to do animation in Procreate! With my step-by-step guidance you’ll be able to craft 15 whimsical and engaging animations in Procreate that will showcase your creativity and spark your imagination.

Stained glass is so beautiful, I love the unique textures, the swirls of color and organic patterns, and the way the light glistens through the glass. Creating physical stained glass art is no easy feat. It requires specialized equipment, and handling sharp pieces of glass, working with scorching hot tools. So I figured out a way to create gorgeous glass art…the digital way! 

Class Freebie!

Students of this class get my Stained Glass Toolkit: Procreate brushes, real stained glass textures, and starter sketches.

If you love drawing on your iPad and also adore the tactile look and feel of crafting with scissors and paper, my new Skillshare class is for you! Learn how to cut digital shapes out of real paper, create lighting effects and manipulate shadows to create folds, bends, and curves in my new, in-depth class about making paper cut art in Procreate!

Class Freebie!

Students of this class get FREE access to my Paper Cut Paper Pack: 14 high-resolution paper scans optimized for making realistic digital paper cut art. 

Calling all lovers of travel, vintage design, and doing projects on your iPad…let’s make Postcards in Procreate! In this class, you’ll start with a destination of your choice and create a one-of-a-kind illustrated postcard, complete with bold 3D lettering and a vintage print effect. Master several text effects, a complete illustration workflow, and getting your art ready to print.

Class Freebie!

Students of this class get a Resource Pack of postcard-making goodies! Pack includes lettering guides, back designs, and printing templates.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling frustrated about drawing anything furry or fluffy, join me as I teach you all the fundamentals of drawing fur in Procreate. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to create a furry illustration that looks like it took you forever. Plus you’ll get access to my FREE Fur & Fluff Procreate brushes!

Class Freebie!

Students of this class get my awesome Fur & Fluff Procreate brushes. This set includes 17 brushes that you can use to create 5 unique fur textures.