About Bardot Brush

My goal is to make brushes that look and behave like the real deal with all the amazing capabilities that Procreate and digital illustration have to offer. The brushes are made with handcrafted textures, and tested extensively to be extremely versatile, allowing you to create endless creative marks with a single brush. Each collection of brushes is comprehensive and covers the gamut of a particular medium with a range of brush types. From fillers and flat brushes, to liners and details brushes, to textures and shaders, everything you need is there. 
I believe the iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate have ushered in a new era of art-making. One that allows us to make art literally anywhere, with limitless tools and media at our fingertips. I believe that creativity is fundamental. Bardot Brush is about arming you with the best tools for this new medium. I believe when you choose a medium that is conveniently accessible with tools you absolutely love, nothing will stand in your way of creating. 

- Lisa Bardot