Master Bundle

The complete collection: 334 brushes, 15 unique sets.


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This is the mega mucho, super duper, fantastic bombastic, all-encompassing MASTER BUNDLE. It’s got it ALL. Every. Single. Bardot. Brush. Set. Fill your toolbox up with the best tools available for Procreate covering an extensive gamut of art media and styles. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 334 artist-quality Procreate brushes in 16 unique sets
  • Includes Magic Paper: 25 textured canvases to make your art look magical
  • Free updates anytime we refresh these brush sets
  • All included brush sets stored in your account for you to download at any time
  •  Get 30% off all future purchases (let’s say it again for the people in the back)

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Download Includes

334 Procreate Brushes in 16 sets + Magic Paper

  • Basic Toolkit // 10 Brushes
  • Artist’s Pastels // 18 Brushes
  • Gouache Paintbox // 30 Brushes
  • Awesome Alcohol Markers // 29 Brushes
  • Imperfect Patterns // 32 Brushes
  • Scratch Art Sgraffito // 11 Brushes
  • Wash & Dry Watercolor Toolkit // 48 Brushes
  • Magic Paper // 25 textured canvases + 10 Brushes
  • Midcentury Illustrators Kit // 12 Brushes
  • Multi-Tonal Markers // 30 Brushes
  • Pencil Box // 21 Brushes
  • Dry Brush Paintbox // 17 Brushes
  • Texturrific Shaders // 30 Brushes
  • Texturrific Liners // 14 Brushes
  • Texturrific Pastels // 14 Brushes
  • Texture Maker // 10 Brushes

Procreate 5.2 or later is required to install these brushes. Apple Pencil is recommended.

*Price of Master Bundle is 50% off  the price of included sets when purchased separately.
**price subject to change as future products are added to the Master Bundle. 

Explore a few of the sets in the Master Bundle...

Start with the Basics

Every artist needs a go-to set for quick illustrations. That’s what I created my Basic Toolkit for – only these brushes are anything but basic!

This set has become my personal go-to set to create professional looking art quickly, and with ease! 

Our Best Selling Brush Set

Gouache Paintbox is by far my most popular brush set! Their textured, painterly look and feel has everyone raving! They are my personal favorite and you can tell because they are featured in 20 of my tutorials – so there’s lots of ways to learn how to use them.

Time-saving brushes with built-in authentic texture

I love using colored pencils in my artwork, but it can take forever to color in shapes. Not anymore thanks to my Pencil Box quick scribble brushes! With these 8 brushes, you’ll be able to color large areas quickly. And the other 13 brushes in the set are just as awesome!

If you love the look of hand-colored artwork but don’t have the patience to color by hand, you’ll love this set!

The most unique Procreate brush set on the market!

It was clear to me when I created this brush set that I had discovered Procreate brush gold! Multi-tonal Markers are unlike any brush set on the market. They have brilliant color effects you won’t find anywhere else – while still looking like analog marker drawing!

If you want to create multi-hued, vibrant, colorful art in Procreate that looks like it was done by hand the old fashion way (but only took half the amount of time) then this set is perfect for you!

Digital art supplies that look and feel like the real thing!

Do you love the look and feel of creating with traditional Alcohol Markers but hate that you don’t have digital perks like the undo feature. Now you don’t have to choose! My Awesome Alcohol Markers will give you the the joy of drawing with alcohol-based markers right on your iPad!

I designed this set of 29 brushes to emulate real alcohol-based markers: from the way they blend, build up in opacity, to their texture and bold intensity, with plenty more thoughtful features built right in.

Give bland, flat artwork a personal, hand-drawn feel

Create intricate, eye-catching illustrations in no time at all (even if you can’t draw). Meet the 32 Imperfect Pattern brushes – your new go-to when you need a textured pattern to really make your artwork pop.

They’re super satisfying to use, delightful to play with, and even better, they save you loads of time.

This is a must-have set for Procreate, with brushes for nature, houses and buildings, decoration, and more.

Traditional texture for the modern digital artist

If you are a fan of texture, color, blending and smudging, (but perhaps not of messy fingers), you are going love Artist’s Pastels for Procreate.

These brushes are designed for a realistic painting workflow of laying down color, blending, then layering on more color and texture. 

Get this product for 30% OFF the listed price

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Master Bundle

16 Procreate Brush Sets + 25 Magic Papers


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