Paint a Watercolor Orange + FREE Procreate Brushes

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Paint watercolor in Procreate with FREE brushes!

Join me in painting a vibrant orange in beautiful digital watercolor in Procreate! Using brushes from my FREE Watercolor Wonder Sample Pack, including a starter sketch!) you can follow along and learn this colorful technique. Give your Procreate watercolor paintings a touch of magic with some rainbow line work. Let’s get painting!

Grab your free sample pack of my Watercolor Wonder brush set for Procreate to follow along with this tutorial! The sample pack includes: 

  • 3 premium brushes
  • 1 textured canvas
  • Mini User Guide

Artwork made using this Tutorial

Fatma at 6:41 am

amazing.. I really would like to thank you for hard work and awsowm information you are providing us with

really appreciated your works


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