March's Theme: Nature

In March, we’ll be exploring different ecosystems found in nature such as a tranquil pond, lush jungle, serene seashore, and an enchanting forest. We’ll not only be drawing plant life that grows in these natural places but also the animals, insects, and critters that inhabit them!


  1. briar rose
  2. poppy
  3. thistle


  1. frog
  2. lilypad
  3. turtle
  4. cattails
  5. dragonfly
  6. willow tree
  7. koi fish


  1. parrot
  2. monstera
  3. tiger
  4. palm
  5. monkey
  6. vines
  7. beetle


  1. seashells
  2. waves
  3. seagull
  4. seaweed
  5. sand dollar
  6. crab
  7. starfish


  1. deer
  2. pine tree
  3. fox
  4. clover
  5. quail
  6. birch tree
  7. monarch butterfly

Tutorials to try this month

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On your iPad, open Procreate and Safari in split screen view and navigate to You’ll see the week’s prompts and tutorial to help you learn and be inspired.

Tap any of the prompts to get image references instantly.

Now get to it! Draw your own interpretation of the prompt.

Don’t forget to post and share your work. Sharing can sometimes be a scary thing but it’s really important for your growth to share and ask for feedback. Plus with all your impending practice, it’s great to have a record of how far you’ve come. Don’t forget to say you’re #makingarteveryday!

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