FREE Procreate Brushes for Kids

6 FREE Procreate Brushes to make you feel like a kid again!

Download Includes

  • 6 Procreate Brushes
  • User Guide PDF with Mini-Tutorial

Procreate 5.2 or later is required to install these brushes. Apple Pencil is recommended.

Attention kids and kids-at-heart! I created this set of 6 high-quality Procreate brushes for little artists learning how to use Procreate or for anyone who wants to re-live the magic of a free afternoon, a blank piece of paper, and a box of art supplies. This set of FREE Procreate brushes has all your favorite art supplies – crayons, markers, paint, and colored pencils!

Note for Kids: Be sure to ask your grown-up for permission to download and help installing the brushes!

Take a look at what these brushes can do...

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Watch my Procreate for Kids Tutorial to learn everything you need to know to start making art with Procreate!

tap name for description & brush preview

The digital version of everyone’s first favorite art supply! This crayon is loaded with awesome and feels like the real thing and texture.

The perfect pencil for sketching, coloring, shading, details, and more!

A big, bold marker, great for coloring!

A smaller marker for adding fine details.

This paintbrush is choppy, messy, and blend-y. Try mixing different colors to see what happens.

Creates an effect like watered-down paint. Great for smoothly blending colors!

Tutorials using
Kids Make Art

We’ve always got your covered with lessons on how to make the most of your new art-making tools!

Download now to start making awesome art!

FREE Procreate Brushes for Kids