Procreate Dreams Demo: First look at Animating in Procreate Dreams!

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Watch my Procreate Dreams Demo from Playgrounds InMotion, London

There’s a lot packed into this short Procreate Dreams demo! In this video, you’ll get a taste of the process of animating over video in Procreate Dreams, including how to use the Performing feature, using Live Filters, grouping content, importing audio to the timeline, manual keyframing, importing a Procreate file into Procreate Dreams, rigging character arms, applying camera movements, and much more! 

Pre-Order Procreate Dreams (available Nov 22)

Several months ago, the team at Procreate asked me to put together a Demo showcasing the animation possibilities of Procreate Dreams to present at the Playgrounds InMotion Animation Festival in London in early September, where they’d be revealing their new app to the world.

I worked with a team to film the scene, and then I animated it in Procreate Dreams using a mixture of frame-by-frame animation, keyframe animation, and Dream’s innovative Performing feature.

Procreate Dreams is a new 2D Animation app from the makers of Procreate.

With Procreate Dreams you can create animation by keyframing, frame-by-frame, and with Procreate Dream’s innovative Perform feature, meaning ANYONE can animate, no matter your experience level!

Take a peek behind-the-scenes of creating my “Making Puncakes” movie!

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Elisha Lei at 2:45 am

That moooooooooovie is so goooooooooooooood

Elisha Lei at 2:46 am

That moooooooooovie is so gooooooood


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