Learn to Draw from a Photo Reference in Procreate® – Beginner Drawing Tutorial

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Learn the fundamentals of drawing in Procreate®

Learn to draw in Procreate® with this essential tutorial about utilizing reference photos in your art. In this beginner tutorial, you’ll explore sketching fundamentals, such as simplifying objects into basic shapes, with the help of Procreate’s Reference Companion feature. We’ll also use the Procreate® symmetry tool to aid in the sketching process. Finish off your artwork with a stylish three-color screenprint effect.

Canvas Size Used: 3800×2800 Pixels

Brushes Used

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Artwork made using this Tutorial

Helen Fahler at 10:03 pm

What a fun approach to using a simple color palette but getting a little more out of it with the MULTIPLY filter! Using the eraser to create new, loose spaces to work in also keeps the illustration from looking too tight. Great tips and brush suggestions! I love the texture you added at the end that really does resemble a screen print texture!


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