Pencil Box

21 brushes that emulate look and feel of real pencil on paper.

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Download Includes

  • 21 Procreate Brushes
  • In-Depth User Guide PDF
  • PDF Brush Stroke Guide

Procreate 5.2 or later is required to install these brushes. Apple Pencil is recommended.

The best way to create natural-looking pencil drawings, sketches, and unique illustrations: Pencil Box for Procreate. Enjoy the look and feel of real pencil on paper without all those messy pencil shavings. I made this set of pencil-y awesomeness from high-resolution scans of authentic pencil marks and texture. With months of development and testing behind them, I built this collection with both the professional illustrator and beginning artist in mind. This set includes 21 brushes to handle all of your pencil needs -and then some! If you love the look of hand-colored artwork but don’t have the patience to color by hand, you’ll love my innovative Quick Scribble Brushes that make quick work of the tedious job of coloring in large areas. 

This set has it all: the best-ever Procreate sketching pencil, brushes for detail, a variety of textures and pencil weights, shaders, multi-functional eraser tools, and more. Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil.

Take a look at what these brushes can do...

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 Simply the best brush to create sketches for any piece of artwork. Start with light sketch lines, and increase pressure to darken and bolden strokes. Sure to become your go-to sketching brush!

Imagine a blunt tip pencil, and you get this brush. A basic pencil brush with juuuuust enough paper texture.

Soft and plush, this pencil mimics the feel of drawing on a piece of paper placed on a barely soft surface.

For that super-pointy, just-from-the-sharpener feeling. Perfect for very fine details. So sharp, so satisfying.

A dense pencil tip with lots of texture. A little gritty, like a dark pencil on rough paper.

This brush captures the look of that love letter you wrote to your elementary-school crush while you were out at recess. My most grainy and textured pencil brush.

This creamy, oily pencil will smear and smudge color around, perfect for blending and softening.

My favorite brush for coloring areas and general use. Produces edge texture when layering on strokes for a super-realistic colored pencil feel. Pairs excellently with the Quick Scribble brushes.

Quick Scribble Brushes

If you love the look of hand-colored artwork but don’t have the patience to color by hand, you will love the Quick Scribble brushes. These brushes come in 8 different textures that emulate the look of tedious hand coloring. Use the Quick Scribble brushes to rapidly color in large areas.

Color a large shape in a heartbeat. Featuring a moderately solid fill, this thin brush is perfect for general-purpose coloring. Robust enough to fill large areas quickly, but narrow enough to handle small spots as well.

This brush produces a barely-there pencil fill, as if you were coloring with very light pressure. Reacts to pressure, making it perfect for shading and making color blends.

This brush is packed with pencil strokes! It will rapidly color a large area and is useful for drawing fur or grass-like textures as well.

Colors in with elongated, stripe-like strokes. Very effective creating movement and filling in backgrounds. 

Overlaps strokes at diagonal angles, creating a cross-hatching effect. Great for when you want a less directional color fill.

Sparse, short strokes at random angles create a sporadic texture. Use sparingly to add accent lines or layer brush strokes for a unique fill texture.

Quickly create directional lines of pencil ticks and flicks. Great for creating a stylized fur or grass texture. 

Quickly draw a hundred curls in a single stroke. Use to depict curly hair, fur, bushes, trees, and more.

The Shaders & Erasers

Use to apply an even, smooth paper-like texture. I love this brush for adding paper texture to backgrounds as well as soft shading and drawing elements such as clouds, etc

A gritty, grainy texture for adding shading that is a little rough around the edges.

All-purpose erasing tool that emulates a classic eraser. Erases cleanly and fully with heavy pressure, leaves a slight texture behind when used with light pressure.

Eraser with reduced opacity that leaves behind a “ghost” image when used with light pressure. Great for the sketching process to lighten areas you plan on tracing over.

When you need to erase with exactness, this is the tool to use. Equipped with a grainy edge to match pencil texture.

Tutorials using
Pencil Box

We’ve always got your covered with lessons on how to make the most of your new art-making tools!

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Pencil Box


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