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The following lessons show you how to draw a variety of flowers. Every successful drawing starts with a great sketch. That’s why I developed my Pencil Box brush set. With this set, you can create sketches that look and feel like pencil on paper. The Sketching Pencil is amazing, and I’m certain it will become your go-to brush for sketching in Procreate. Also check out the Ghost Eraser! This eraser allows you to lightly erase parts of your sketch rather than redrawing your entire sketch. It’s a huge time-saver.


finished daisy art:

California Poppy

finished poppy art:

Icelandic Poppy

finished poppy art:


finished rose art:


finished tulip art:


finished cosmos art:

Procreate Flower Tutorials

Make Realistic Paper Cut Illustrations in Procreate including this lovely bouquet!

If you love drawing on your iPad and also adore the tactile look and feel of crafting with scissors and paper, my new Skillshare class is for you! Learn how to cut digital shapes out of real paper, create lighting effects and manipulate shadows to create folds, bends, and curves in my new, in-depth paper cut class!

You’ve learned how to draw flowers, now put them together to create a stunning digital bouquet of flowers!

In this simple tutorial, I share with you my digital painting tips for creating stunning watercolor florals in Procreate including a brand new blending technique that emulates traditional wet-on-wet watercolor aesthetic. Follow along in this Procreate tutorial as I teach you my easy method for painting this lovely purple flower.

Learn three methods for making easy seamless repeating patterns, including this sweet, simple floral pattern. This method is so simple and easy to do, you’ll be able to create a ton of unique patterns in no time at all. Use your patterns in design work, print on fabric, apparel, home goods, and more!

Follow along with me as I draw some colorful spring flowers in Procreate. I’ll show you how I simplify a variety of flowers for a stylized look. Why not try drawing your favorite flowers?

This tutorial uses my amazing Magic Paper textured canvases for the extra special hand-made look!

Learn how to draw this cute mushroom house in Procreate! First, get my FREE Procreate brush set, then follow along and draw with me in real-time as we draw this cute scene complete with a garden of daisies!

Follow along with me as I show you how to draw a cute bumblebee buzzing around a flower in Procreate. I’ll be using brushes from my Wash & Dry Watercolor Toolkit to create some lovely realistic watercolor-style washes in a fun, unique way.

Follow along with me as I show you how to draw Scandinavian-Style Folk Art in Procreate! We’ll be exploring motifs and characteristics found commonly in Folk Art, including plenty of florals!

Not inclined to draw but want to make some awesome flower art? Learn how you can make a paper cut collage in Procreate while creating a fun floral collage. No drawing required!