Dry Brush Paintbox


One of the things really missing from digital art on Procreate is amazing, realistic texture. I’d always wanted a brush that can emulate the random texture of dry brush as it drags across paper or canvas. I am proud to release the Dry Brush Paintbox for Procreate on iPad. Get the look of traditional media with these yummy brushes packed with texture. Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil.

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tap name for description & brush preview

A solid brush with lots of edge texture and light pressure sensitivity.

My favorite brush for painting forms and filling in areas of color with pressure sensitivity.

A thin, monoline dry liner.

A bold, pressure sensitive brush, pack with unpredictability.

Thin, light, and dry.

Bold, dark, and choppy, with angular gaps in coverage.

Consistency long drag of a dry brush look. Draw light and fast strokes for a wispy look.

A pressure sensitive version of Streaker for achieving thick to thin.

Extra large and extra texture!

Speckly, dabby spongy brush. Great for adding extra texture or shading.

Crispy and a little crumbly, a streaky stroke with a gritty look.

A pressure sensitive version of Crunchy.

A slightly soft dry brush for a more velvety look.

Replicates a brush across a coarse textured paper.

A pressure sensitive version of Grainy.

The driest brush of the bunch, slightly streaky and sparse with an unpredictable nature.

A pressure sensitive version of Parched.