How to Make a Coloring Page in Procreate

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If you’ve ever wanted to turn your artwork into coloring pages to give away or sell or make a coloring book of your art, get ready to learn how to do just that right on your iPad in Procreate!  In this live tutorial, I’ll teach you how to design and create your very own coloring pages in Procreate! I’ll take you through laying out your scene, making a sketch, how to make clean line art, and setting up your files if you want to offer them as a .Procreate download or a printable PDF. We’ll be drawing an under-the-sea scene, but you can apply these techniques to any type of artwork you can imagine!

Canvas Size Used: 8.5×11″ at 300 DPI (2400×3300 pixels)

Brushes Used: 
For Sketch – Various brushes from Pencil Box
For Final Line Art – Studio Pen from the Inking Set (built-in Procreate brush)

Head over to my Procreate for Kids page with more Procreate tutorials for kids, drawing prompts, coloring page downloads, and other goodies!

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Stay tuned for more live draw videos where we can hang and draw together, I can answer your questions, and show you some cool Procreate tips and tricks!  

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Darcy at 9:43 am

The video as been taken down so I’m hoping you will create a new one or create a text tutorial.

Lisa Bardot at 10:15 am

I just checked and the video is working!


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