Monthly Project: April

Make a Movie Poster

Project Overview

Our fourth Making Art Everyday Monthly Project combines illustration and lettering! Create your own movie poster for a film you love. With this project, you’ll be able to complete multiple smaller illustrations throughout the month that will help you build your confidence before sitting down to create your movie poster.

If you’re a beginner, choose one or two simple things to illustrate (maybe a couple props or key objects featured throughout the movie.) If you’re looking to challenge yourself a bit you can try drawing a main character or scene for your movie poster.

Let’s Break it Down

1. Make a list of movie-related things to draw.

It could be anything from a character, a sidekick, a notable costume, or any symbols or notable themes throughout the movie. Simplify your list to one or two ideas you’re most excited to draw.

TIP: Some of the most impactful movie posters are illustrated very simply with basic shapes.

2. Get Inspired

This can mean watching the movie again, or looking at images of things you want to draw on Pinterest. I’ve created a Movie Poster Pinterest board that you can reference when creating your piece.

3. Do a few practice studies.

Draw a few of the items on their own. Remember to keep it simple and quick – these items aren’t the main focus, but a part of the movie poster.

4. Lettering

Practice the type of lettering you want the movie poster to have.

5. Put it together with a rough sketch

Put your practice drawings into action by creating a rough sketch of how you want the movie poster to be laid out.

5. Rendering Time!

This is the fun part! Where you get to add color and texture to your sketch! Have fun and experiment with different brushes or textures.

This Coco Movie Poster was created on a Magic Paper textured canvas.

Illustration credit: Sam Aker

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MAE Monthly Project

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