How to Draw People with Style!

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People Skills is a FREE series of tutorials and assignments that will get you familiar with the basics of drawing humans, and help you develop your own people-drawing style. Watch the Intro video to learn more!

I designed these videos to be followed sequentially over the course of one month. Check back on this page over the course of the month or the day-by-day play-by-play. You can access each lesson below. 

Week One // Faces

1: Eyes

Day one! Learn how to draw and stylize eyes. Practice by sketching a page filled with different eyes.

2: Nose

Today we’ll learn how to draw noses.  Practice by drawing many different noses in all shapes and sizes.

3: Mouth

Learn the ins and outs of lips and mouths! Draw a page full of mouths: open, closed, and more.

4: Ears

Did you hear? We’re learning about drawing Ears today! Practice by filling a page with as many styles of ears as you can.

5: Face

Today you’ll learn about proper facial proportion rules and how to break them.

6: Hair

Don’t brush off this lesson, learn all about drawing hair. Then practice by drawing a handful of hairstyles.

7: Putting it All together

Spend today putting into practice everything you’ve learned! Draw a complete, stylized face. Mix and match some different styles you’ve developed.

Week Two // Expressions

8: Happy

Let’s get happy! Click through to learn about how to characterize a happy, joyful expression.

9: Sad

Awww, cheer up! Your lesson about drawing gloomy-looking faces is just a click away.

10: Scared

Drawing expressions isn’t scary! Learn all about how to draw a look of terror.

11: Surprised

It should come as no surprise that you’ll be learning how to draw an expression of bewilderment.

12: Angry

Grrrrr! Arrrrrgggggg! Hey now, don’t get mad — get a lesson on drawing angry faces!

13: Silly

Feel like you’re drawing yourself silly this week? Explore some zany, crazy faces in today’s lesson.

14: Disgusted

Hopefully you haven’t found these lessons too appalling. Learn how to draw a disgusted face today.

Week Three // Limbs & Appendages

15: Fingers

Step one in learning how to draw hands, is learning to draw fingers! Click through to get some finger-drawing practice.

16: Hands

Tackle one of the most difficult aspects of drawing people: the hands! You can do it!

17: Arms

Time to flex your drawing muscles! Today we’ll learn how to draw arms. 

18: Toes

It’s like mama always said…you need to practice drawing toes if you wanna draw feet! (What? Your mom never toed you that?)

19: Feet

I made this lesson for the sole purpose of helping you learn to draw feet. I hope you get a kick out of it!

20: Legs

You better not skip leg day. Learn all about how to draw legs today!

21: Practice Day!

Nothing new today…spend the day practicing everything you’ve learned!

Week Four // Bodies & Poses

22: Body Proportions

Draw bodies that look natural and balanced by understanding the relationships between body parts.

23: Standing

Our first lesson on posing the body is going to be outstanding!

24: Sitting

Take a seat and practice drawing people in a sitting pose.

25: Walking

Let’s get moving as we draw people going for a walk.

26: Running

We’re starting to run out of lessons at this point. Let’s draw people jogging!

27: Leaping

Jump for joy! It’s leap day! Draw some people bounding in the air.

28: Sleeping

You did it! You made it to the last lesson! Time for a rest, amiright?