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Learn how to use Procreate!

Hey kids! If you want to learn how to use Procreate, my seven-year-old son Bear and I have got you covered! Follow along as the two of us teach you everything you need to know to get started using Procreate: how to create a new canvas, choosing colors, using different brushes, the eraser, and other tools, how to use layers, how to move things around and make them bigger or smaller, making shapes, and more! This video is designed for kids who are just getting started using Procreate. Let’s learn!

Here’s what you’ll find in this tutorial:

Part 1 – Getting Started: Brushes & Tools
  • Starting a new canvas
  • How to pick a color
  • Choosing brushes
  • Using the eraser tool
  • Changing brush size and opacity
  • Undo and redo
Part 2 – Fun with Color
  • How to use Color Drop to fill shapes
  • Choose a previous color with Eyedropper
  • Zooming in and rotating your canvas
  • Changing the background color
Part 3 – Using Layers
  • Creating a new layer
  • Moving a layer
  • Adding texture to flat color
  • Drawing within shapes using Alpha Lock
Part 4 – Moving Things Around
  • Free Procreate Brushes
  • Using the Selection tool to choose parts of your artwork
  • Using the transform tool to move things around
  • Using Quickshape to make easy shapes


Stained Glass Art // Part 2: Fun with Color

Black lines: Studio Pen from the Inking Set

Octopus Drawing // Part 3: Using Layers

Octopus & water shape: Studio Pen from the Inking Set
Dark blue water texture: Wash from the Water set
Seaweed: Chalk from the Calligraphy set

Mario Stuff // Part 4: Moving Things Around

Everything: Colored Pencil from my free Kids Make Art! brush set

Head over to my Procreate for Kids page with more Procreate tutorials for kids, drawing prompts, coloring page downloads, and other goodies!

Attention kids and kids-at-heart! I created this set of 6 high-quality Procreate brushes for little artists learning how to use Procreate or for anyone who wants to re-live the magic of a free afternoon, a blank piece of paper, and a box of art supplies. This set of FREE Procreate brushes has all your favorite art supplies – crayons, markers, paint, and colored pencils!

Joy at 6:29 pm

It’s school holidays here in South Australia. I can’t wait for the grandchildren to stay over with their iPads, so I can show them this video. They’ve been tinkering with procreate, but this will really help them.
Thank you so much, Lisa and Bear. Great job!

Sheri Edwards at 4:18 pm

Awesome! I’ve recommended this to my “kid at heart” friends just learning to use Procreate. Thank you, Bear and Lisa, for the easy to follow steps to making art every day!

Sheri K at 11:54 pm

Thank you very much for making these tutorials for kids! My 7 year old daughter has been enjoying following along with you. Please make more tutorials for kids. You are the first person I found that has a free tutorial for kids. The tutorial is great for adults new to Procreate too.

Aline Steele at 3:25 pm

I loved this video! I love learning new thing’s!

Claudia at 5:07 pm

Hello! Your video tutorials have been super helpful to me as a beginner with Procreate. I have a 9 year old son that is artistic and I cannot wait for him to see your videos. Thank you!


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