This page is for kids and kids-at-heart who are interested in learning about using Procreate and how to draw! I’ve got a ton of awesome stuff to get your creative juices flowing: free Procreate brushes, Procreate tutorials for kids, free coloring pages, and more!

I created this page as part of the Making Art Everyday challenge – a series of daily drawing prompts, tutorials, motivational emails, and a supportive community, all to help you establish a daily art-making habit. July is KID’S MONTH, and I’ve got a whole month of fun for little digital artists and anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner child. 

Free Procreate Brushes for Kids!

Attention kids and kids-at-heart! I created this set of 6 high-quality Procreate brushes for little artists learning how to use Procreate or for anyone who wants to re-live the magic of a free afternoon, a blank piece of paper, and a box of art supplies. This set of FREE Procreate brushes has all your favorite art supplies – crayons, markers, paint, and colored pencils!

Learn to make art with Procreate!

Hey kids! If you want to learn how to use Procreate, my seven-year-old son Bear and I have got you covered! Follow along as the two of us teach you everything you need to know to get started using Procreate: how to create a new canvas, choosing colors, using different brushes, the eraser, and other tools, how to use layers, how to move things around and make them bigger or smaller, making shapes, and more! This video is designed for kids who are just getting started using Procreate. Let’s learn!

How to Draw a Hot Air Balloon

Follow along and draw in this Procreate tutorial for kids, where 7-year-old Bear and I teach you how to draw a hot air balloon with an adorable animal passenger. This beginner’s Procreate lesson will teach you lots of digital art techniques like choosing colors, using layers, Alpha Lock, adding texture to your illustrations, and more! This video is perfect for kids and anyone new to using Procreate. 

Kids Drawing Prompts

Below are four weeks of drawing prompts to inspire you! Clicking the words will take you image search results for that prompt. Use these photos and images to inspire you when you are drawing your own artwork.

Week 1: Animals & Creatures

These prompts are of real-world and imaginary critters and creatures. Let your imagination run wild with these prompts – you don’t have to draw them just like they look in real life or how you’ve seen them in pictures before. Instead, imagine the animals with unusual colors, or as hybrids where you combine two animals together, or maybe the animals can be doing unusual actions – like a unicorn riding a bicycle!

Week 2: Coloring Book

This week is all about coloring pages! Each prompt might inspire you to draw and design your own coloring pages, or download one of my free Procreate coloring pages to color however you’d like! On July 9, I’ll be giving a live tutorial about drawing and creating your own Procreate coloring pages. On July 12, I’ll host another live tutorial where we’ll color a Procreate coloring page together!

Week 3: Adventures & Imagination

This set of prompts is designed to tickle your imagination and get you thinking of far-off adventures! So get outrageous and inventive! For example, you could draw a treehouse, but not just any treehouse…maybe it has a rocket-powered swing or magical bridge or an ice cream machine! A crazy vehicle could be a toilet car or a banana split boat!

Week 4: Kid's Choice!

Our community asked kids what they wanted to draw, and from that, we created this group of fun drawing prompts. Ever wanted to turn your art into STICKERS? On Friday, July 30, I’ll be hosting another live tutorial where we’ll draw some cool art together, and I talk to you about making stickers! Not only that, but we’ll be giving away $500 worth of credit from StickerApp, where you can order professionally printed stickers of your art! Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

Free Procreate Coloring Pages

Week 2 of Kid’s Month is all about coloring pages! You can make your own (see below), or if you’d rather just color, you can download my FREE coloring pages for Procreate below! These are set up as Procreate files so you can color right on your iPad in Procreate. Try using my free “Kids Make Art!” brushes to color them in! There are also printable PDF versions if you’d like to color on paper instead.

The button above will download all of the coloring pages (Procreate and PDF versions) as a .zip file. Download pages individually below.

How to use the Coloring Pages in Procreate

Download the .Procreate files to your iPad. They will be saved to your Files app in the Downloads folder. Tap a file to import it into Procreate. Open the file, and you are ready to start coloring! 

Open the layers panel (the icon with two squares in the upper right). You’ll see a layer called “Color Here” below the layer with the black line art, which is where you’ll do your coloring! You can use Color Drop to fill in the different spaces with color, or simply color them in by hand.

Did you know you can use Procreate like a coloring book? Even better — you can use some really cool digital art tricks to have even more fun than traditional coloring. Follow along with me and color one of my FREE coloring pages in this live Procreate tutorial. I’ll teach you tips and tricks for coloring, including how using Procreate features such as Layers and Alpha Lock can speed up coloring and create cool effects you’d never be able to do on paper!

How to Make a Coloring Page

Watch my tutorial about designing, drawing, and creating your own coloring pages in Procreate! 

I’ll walk you through from creating an initial sketch to the final coloring page with tips about getting smooth, clean line art, setting up your Procreate file so it’s ready to color, and more! This tutorial will be more geared toward the grown-ups, but kids are welcome to join too!

How to Make Stickers!

I’ll walk you through making some simple drawings using my Kids Make Art! brush set, and then I’ll give you some tips about turning your art into stickers! You can learn TONS more about making your Procreate artwork into stickers on my Sticker Resource Page!