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A lot of creatives are in search of that special “thing” that makes our work unique. Something that makes our work so distinctive that when people see it, they know we made it. That “thing” is often described by the world “style”. When we say something is “stylized” all that means is that a subject is represented in a way that way other than how it literally looks. There are so many styles out there in the world, and almost infinite ways to translate an idea into visual form. But before you can delve into the millions of possibilities, you must first learn how to truly “see” and understand your subject matter. You need to start at the beginning. 

Introducing my newest tutorial, Foundations of Style, part of a series of videos about learning to draw in Procreate. You’ll learn how to study a subject matter, identify it’s unique characteristics, break it down into simple shapes, and develop your own method for drawing that subject. These are the first steps in the process of stylizing an illustration. For our example, you’ll be learning a method for drawing a bear! If you struggle with how to begin a drawing, this will be a great video for you. 

Brushes used in this video

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Kate at 1:57 am

Great tutorial thanks – really useful!

Michèle at 12:08 pm

Loved this tutorial! Thank you!

Geri at 1:55 pm

This was super helpful! Thanks Lisa

Anniechisca at 8:04 am

What an amaaaaaaaazing tutorial!!! Thank you

Deborah at 10:57 am

Wow! Just finished watching the video and I can’t wait to try it. You did an amazing job of breaking down a complex progression of skill development into a 7 minute video.

Question: How do you do the split screen and just drag and drop pix from the internet into Procreate?

Tamanna at 7:00 pm

Just pull up your bottom tab where your built in kinda apps stay and then drag up safari and resize it to what u want. You can even drag a pic from your safari in split screen and put it into procreate to sketch. Hope that helps.

Selah at 3:17 pm

Oh my gosh… you just knocked the fear of drawing right outta my head! Thanks!

Diana at 10:56 am

This is perfect!!! Thank you!!! <3

Merryl at 12:38 pm

I loved the bear video but wish you could have explained how to use procreate for some of the things you did to manipulate the parts of the bear. Thank you so much for making these videos. I know they take a lot of effort and are very time consuming.


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