Week Twenty-Six

Buckle up, I’ve got a ton of cool stuff to share with you this week!

As I mentioned last week, we’re starting a new series to feature amazing Procreate artists and encourage you to get out there and support them! This week we featured our first two artists of our “Support an Awesome Procreate Artist” series: Taylor McManus and Allison Miller! I hope you’ll read their interviews and check out their beautiful artwork. At the bottom of the posts, we give you all the different ways to support them, whether it is through following them on social media, buying their prints, requesting a commission, and more. 

We are dedicating the first four weeks of this series to celebrate Black Procreate artists, and we’ve got some truly amazing people lined up to share with you!

Detailed, colorful, filled with narrative (and gorgeous plus-sized bodies), Taylor McManus navigates friendships, relationships, and adulthood in her stunning artwork.

Often a reflection of what she’s feeling at the moment, Allison Miller’s stunning semi-realistic portraits are filled with mood and emotion.

More good news! Live tutorials are coming back!

Our next Stay Home and Draw live tutorial will be June 26th at 10:30 am PDT, and we’ll be doing a HUGE giveaway during the stream. We are giving away brush sets, Master Bundles, and a brand new iPad + Apple Pencil! The best place to watch is the Bardot Brush YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more details, I hope to “see” you then!

What to Do

  • With all the nature art we’ve been making this month, make an effort to get out in nature yourself! Take a walk and watch the trees blow in the breeze. (With a newborn in our family, we’ve been strictly quarantined at home during this pandemic, but last week we opted to be quarantined in a cabin in the mountains instead. Some time spent in nature is doing wonders for our well-being.)

June Prompts

Nature + Limitations

It’s our last week of our Nature + Limitations theme, and we’ll be drawing some of nature’s tiniest creatures! I’ve wanted to do a week of insect prompts for so long now, I think they are so interesting to draw! Hopefully, they don’t give you the creepy-crawlies!

For limitation ideas, check out my article, 20 Limitations to Boost your Creativity.

I have a special treat for you this week! My good friend Brooke Glaser of Paper Playgrounds has prepared an awesome tutorial for you. Brooke is a gifted illustrator and educator. In fact, she is one of Skillshare’s Top Teachers, and she has some fantastic tutorials and resources on her YouTube channel. Brooke’s tutorial teaches you how to illustrate a butterfly (Wednesday’s prompt!) using brushes from my Texturrific Bundle. In the video, she explores some fun Procreate features such as symmetry, color harmony, and restricted palettes.

Play Video

Week 26 | June 22-28

Bugs & Insects

Mon: snail
Tue: beetle
Wed: butterfly
Thu: spider
Fri: bee
Sat: firefly
Sun: ladybug

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

We’ve got a Facebook group just for participants of Making Art Everyday and all things Bardot Brush! Come join our group of supportive artists of all skill levels, share your work, ask questions, and be a part of the community!