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Allison Miller

Often a reflection of what she’s feeling at the moment, Allison Miller’s stunning semi-realistic portraits are filled with mood and emotion.

Allison Miller is a 21-year-old from Manhattan, New york. Allison’s first memories of making art were in Elementary school when she would draw on anything she could get her hands on; all of her school notes were covered in drawings and doodles! Her inspiration to start drawing came from her favorite aunt, an amazing artist who was in high school when Allison was in elementary school. Allison always looked up to her. 

As Allison grew, so did her drawing skills as she taught herself through watching online videos, reading art books, and lots of practice. Allison is a newcomer to using Procreate, having just started this year in April. “Procreate has helped me enhance my art! Having different brushes for both painting and blending is great,” she said. Allison loves the noise filter and the liquify features in Procreate. When working digitally, she couldn’t do it without her iPad. Aside from using Procreate to make digital art, Allison loves painting with Gouache.

Allison says one of her struggles in creativity is constantly comparing her work to other artists. “I think it’s very important to love your art and love the journey, there’s always room to learn and improve!” When she experiences artist’s block, Allison feels it’s best to take a break from creating to search for inspiration through other forms of media. She likes to read new books, rewatch some of her favorite movies, or have a scroll through Pinterest. She is also inspired by books, both illustrators and authors, and some of her favorite artists are Eugene Delacriox, Francisco Goya, and of course, her artistic aunt.

Currently, Allison is a pre-nursing student aiming to minor in art. Her ultimate goal as an artist is to continue to inspire others through her work. “I’d love to be a children’s book illustrator one day and even write my own book!” A message she strives to convey with her work is this: “Love yourself and love whatever imperfections you think you may have.”

Finally, Allison gives a bit of advice to other artists: “There isn’t a right or wrong way to create art, do whatever you want! Create because you like to create.”

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Allison says the best way to support her is by following and engaging with her artwork on Instagram, requesting a commission, or through a donation. 

Her goal is to open her own shop selling prints of her artwork, stickers, and more. Your support can help make this possible. And don’t be shy about requesting a commission! She says that even if commissions are “temporarily closed”, there is always a waiting list, so be sure to sign up!

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