Imperfect Patterns Tutorial – How to Use Patterns in Procreate

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Learn how to make amazing pattern art in Procreate!

Say hello to your new go-to for adding texture and decoration to your Procreate artwork with my Imperfect Patterns brush set! In this Procreate tutorial, I’ll introduce you to the 32 brushes, show you how to use and manipulate them, and walk you through a step-by-step tutorial where we’ll draw a set of colorful patterned teacups.

Canvas Size Used: 3800×2800 Pixels


Brushes in this tutorial are from my Imperfect Patterns brush pack.
  • Main shapes & details: Imperfect Inker
  • Pink teacup: Loose Loops
  • Orange teacup: Wonky Waves
  • Green teacup: Disorderly Dashes
  • Purple teacup: Snappy Stripes
  • Yellow teacup: Weaving Leaves
  • Blue teacup: Sprightly Sparkles
  • Shading: Sketchy Scratches
  • Drop shadows: Haphazard Hatches
The Imperfect Pattern brushes are your new go-to when you need a textured pattern to really make your artwork pop.

They’re super satisfying to use, delightful to play with, and even better, they save you loads of time.With 31 seamless repeating patterns, plus the Imperfect Inker, this set is a must-have for Procreate, with brushes for nature, houses and buildings, decoration, and more. 

Artwork made in this Tutorial

Shaikha at 3:12 am

Hi love this so much it is the best I can do things on procreate for it!

Deborah Baier at 12:33 pm

My favorite tutorial so far! So many great techniques.


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