Make a Written Word Animation in Procreate: FREE Lesson from my Easy Animations Course!

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Learn how to animate in Procreate!

Are you looking to learn how to do animation in Procreate? I have a special treat for you: a FREE lesson from my premium online course, Easy, Eye-Catching Animations in Procreate! In this video, you’ll learn how to create a written word animation that looks like a cursive word being written.

Learn the essential techniques of Procreate animation as you follow along step-by-step to create a stunning animation that brings any written word to life.

This lesson is from my course: Easy, Eye-Catching Animations in Procreate!

If you enjoy this free lesson, there’s more to learn in my full Procreate animation course: Easy, Eye-Catching Animations in Procreate. With my step-by-step guidance, you’ll make 15 fun and quirky animations that showcase your creativity and spark your imagination.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist to make scroll-stopping animations. Even if you draw like a kindergartener, you can make dazzling animations in Procreate that are as fun to make as they are to watch. You can use them to make moving graphics for your website, animate your logo, create branded Instagram stickers, make eye-catching email GIFs, jazz up your headshot with animated overlays, and more!

In this class we’ll cover:

  • Working with Procreate’s animation tools
  • Animation file formats and when to use each
  • Resolution and scaling down your GIFs
  • Essential animation concepts such as frames per second, onion skins, hold frame, and more
  • Exploring different looping modes
  • Controlling the speed of animation
  • Utilizing layer groups in animation
  • Animating without having to redraw anything!
  • Creating a file specifically designed for vertical video
  • Adding your animation to your Stories and Reels using overlays
  • Creating a variety of movements, such as twinkling, blinking, shaking, spinning, wiggling, bursting, blooming

…and so much more!

Bursting Lines

I’ll teach you how to create some energetic bursting lines with a photo background to give a headshot or photo some pizzazz and personality!

Sparking Stars

Learn how to animate one of my favorite things: little sparkling stars! This animation adds a little touch of magic to any illustration.

Fly and Dance

This type of animation always makes me feel relaxed and a little bit like a playful explorer.

Shimmy & Shake

Learn how to breathe new life into an old piece of art with movement!

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