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Erick Ramos

From fun color palettes to wonderfully textured pieces, Erick’s artwork invites you in to a warm and inviting experience. 

Erick M. Ramos was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until he was a young adult. In fact, his Puerto Rican upbringing is what inspires his art. He says, “Coming from a colonized territory of the US where the majority of households make much less than $20K a year, it’s wild to me how people make that income work. It’s wild to me that I made it work.” 

Erick was creative from a young age, but digital art came into his life in middle school. His aunt had a copy of Corel Painter and designed animated graphics for forums in which she participated. It was at this point that Erick fully immersed himself into his art. He shares that he is “self-taught.” He continues, “I started dabbling in digital art when resources weren’t as available as they are now. At the same time, there was more of, what we consider, “premium content” out for free. This really helped me learn from a young age.” 

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Erick has been using Procreate for three years now and loves using the selection tool to move in multiple layers at once. Layer masks are a favorite tool for this artist, but you can still find Erick in his sketchbook when he’s not digital.

We asked Erick to share a fun fact about yourself. “I am VERY into skincare,” he proudly exclaimed.

When asked what artists have been his inspiration, Erick responded, “Jun Cen is probably one of my biggest inspirations in illustration. He helped me realize that illustration is what I wanted to do, and I’ve been very into Francis Bacon’s work as of late.”

We even asked about some of his struggles as an artist. He shared how, like a lot of artists, he sometimes gets so caught up in getting the work done that he forgets to enjoy his work. “This will inevitably lead to art blocks,” he shares. And how does he tackle art blocks? He states, “Currently, my technique is to read a book or short story for inspiration. Or to break down some of my previous work and remember how or why I did something.” And most importantly rest!

Erick currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and continues to focus on his art and the influence of his art on his audience. To the general public, Erick hopes his art brings relief, understanding, laughter, or simply something to share with others. To his fellow artists, he wants to share the following: “Do not just focus on skill. You can be the best of the best but, still, that doesn’t mean you’ll get opportunities. Attempt to subvert your focus on skill and find out how you can best support your art practice.” And to the art community, he would love to see “more transparency and support, so a broader range of people, who might not be the most privileged, have access to free resources.”

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Erick says the best way to support him is by sharing his work on social media with a tag, purchasing his prints, and requesting a commission.

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