To Install this Procreate Brush

  1. Download the brush directly to your iPad.
  2. Find it in the “Downloads” folder of the Files app.
  3. Tap the .brush file to import it to Procreate.
  4. Locate the brush in the “Imported” brush set of your brush library.

How to Use this Brush

Optimized for the Apple Pencil, this brush creates stunning shading in your artwork. Apply heavy pressure to deposit color and light pressure to blend and soften edges. Use with the smudge tool for even smoother blending.

Book Projects that Use the Soft Shading brush

Use the ‘Soft Shading’ brush to add a glowing effect and facial shading to your Self Portrait project in Chapter 6, as well as to add depth, color variation, and intricate details to the water, trees, and plants in your Nature Scene in Chapter 7.

Use it to make these!

Want more awesome Procreate Brushes?

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