Week fifty-one

I LOVE music. Like, SO MUCH. To me, it’s magical. I’d love to write lyrics with music and be able to sing my songs well. Music is my secret dream. I’m sure you’re familiar with that concept. A secret dream is something you desire to do…but it doesn’t seem to fit with the path you are on in life, and other things just seem more important. For a long time, I’ve thought, “It would be so cool to be able to sing well, but I’m not a ‘singer’.” Music seemed like something that was reserved for “other people.”

“Feeling proud of myself for doing something that I always felt was strictly for other people.” 

The quote above came from a MAE participant last year. I remember reading this sentence, and it nearly made me cry. That feeling is SO universal. There are endless people out there who think they can’t draw (or paint or act or make music) because they’re “just not creative,” and it always breaks my heart. We are all born creative. We all, as humans, have that within us. 

Here’s to making our dreams a little less secret….I started taking singing lessons this week! Full credit goes to Mr. Geoff Bardot (top-notch husband and key member of the Bardot Brush team), who’s idea it was for us both to take vocal lessons. I showed up to the lesson (on Zoom, of course) with that feeling of “I have no idea how this works, I don’t know if I’m gonna be any good at it, I feel kinda dumb, but I’m here, giving it a try.”

Do the thing you want to do. It’s not for “other people”. It’s for YOU simply because it’s YOU that wants to do it.

P.S. If you want to see where I’m starting at with this whole music thing, click here to watch my first-ever musical performance of a song I wrote for my 2018 Creative Mornings talk on Courage. I was SO NERVOUS. Hopefully I can gain more confidence through these vocal lessons! Ha!

December Prompts

pop culture

Week 51: Pop Culture Things

Pop culture encompasses a broad range of things, and those “things” are what this week’s prompts are all about! Each day is a different category of the pop culture canon. Choose your favorite thing to fit the category, from 2020 or any time in the past!

Week 51 | Dec 14-20

pop culture things

Mon: piece of technology
Tue: internet meme
Wed: celebrity
Thu: music
Fri: favorite slang
Sat: popular toy
Sun: strange fashion

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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