Week Forty-One

“Destroy the idea that you gotta be good at artistic things to enjoy them, that every hobby has to become something you’re so good at, you can monetize it.

A capitalist lie.

Sing offkey, draw poorly, write badly. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not monetized. You’re not a product.”

The tweet above by @bookavid has been circling around the internet this past week and it has really stuck chord for many, myself included. I’ve always struggled with having a hobby simply for joy’s sake. I’ve always looked for a way to turn the things I love and the things I’m good at into a business. So I guess it’s no surprise I seriously struggle with being able to relax! Turning your hobby into a business can work for some and its totally fine if that’s your goal, but never feel pressured to do it. It is 100% ok to do something you love purely because you love it. Your joy having value to YOU is all that matters. 

What to Do

  • Here’s an article I read called, The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles. It’s a great read if this is something you struggle with.
  • Remember that bringing yourself joy is a valuable way to spend your time. You are worth it.

October Prompts

Myths & Magic

We are drawing magical objects this week! Think about how to depict textures like glass and metal, things that are aged and weathered, and special effects like glowing, smoking, or sparkling.

Week 41 | Oct 7-13

Magical Objects

Mon: potions
Tue: magic wand
Wed: crystal ball
Thu: tarot cards
Fri: hourglass
Sat: candles
Sun: spell book

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

Week 41 progress Tracker

Track your Making Art Everyday progress! See at-a-glance all you’ve accomplished, and reflect on the work you’ve done at the end of the week. Visit bardotbrush.com/progress to download the monthly tracker and weekly reflection sheet. There are also instructions about how to use them.

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