Week Thirty-Eight


There is massive value in finding your people that are nerdy in the same ways you are. And I say “nerd” in the very best way possible because to me, nerds and geeks are simply VERY passionate people. These are people who’ve found something they love SO much they want to learn as much about it as they can, and express that love to the world. If high school taught us anything, it’s that being “cool” means not being really excited about anything. 

Cool = Apathetic
Nerd/Geek = Passionate

What kind of person would you rather be or be around? If you’re still trying to be “cool”, you might be doing this life thing all wrong. So if you haven’t found that other person or people who can talk enthusiastically about the same thing for three hours, keep searching. There are people out there just like you.

Have you heard the big news? Procreate 5 is coming! I spent last weekend at Lightbox Expo playing with and testing out the new update, slated for release later this year. I wrote an in-depth article about all the amazing new features, but that’s not what I’m writing to you about. It was amazing to hang around people that “get it” in the same way I do. People who would draw 24/7 if they didn’t need to sleep. Who won’t blink twice when I nearly faint about new art-making tools. Who validated my level of passion because they feel the same way. (P.S. Reply to this email if you want to geek out about Procreate 5. CANNOT WAIT!)

What to Do

  • What do YOU geek out about? What are the things that make your whole body and mind light up when they’re brought up?
  • If you ever get a chance, go to a conference or gathering of people that love the same stuff you do. Make friends that love the same things you love. Then geek out together! Don’t play it cool about the things you are passionate about. Passionate people are the ones who change the world. Let’s hear it for the geeks and nerds!

September Prompts


This week is a little less fashion, a little more function. Uniforms can be fun to draw because they have very typical look. How these uniforms look exactly will vary from region to region, but there are characteristics about each one that are pretty standard. You can choose to go more on the “generic” side, meaning to draw it in a way that will most easily “read” as that type of uniform. Or you can bring a little more personality into it and to incorporate some insight about where you live. Again feel free to draw the items of clothing flat or on a person or character! Don’t forget a few accessories that would go with the uniform (think hats, pom-poms, pots and pans, suitcase, sports balls, and so much more!)

Week 38 | Sept 16-22


Mon: sailor
Tue: sports
Wed: pilot
Thu: scout
Fri: chef
Sat: firefighter
Sun: cheerleader

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

Week 38 progress Tracker

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