Week thirty-five

This month has been challenging for so many reasons! I’m very proud of you for making an effort to express yourself and share about your life using the prompts this month.

It has been wonderful getting to know some of you better through the art you’ve been sharing over the past few weeks!  As we enter the final week of Time Capsule month and beyond, I hope you’ll remember the power of self-expression through drawing and keep sharing what’s in your heart and mind through art. Although it may be hard, intimidating, and require a bit of vulnerability, I think you find that this type of artwork will help you connect with others and find a deeper understanding of yourself and your fellow humans. 

What to Do

  • This to-do isn’t something to do this week per se, but if you ever feel like skipping a prompt because you have something personal you’d rather express in your drawing that day, ALWAYS DO. The art that comes from within you will be the most meaningful.

August Prompts

Time Capsule

This week is about you: how you feel about yourself, your present, and your big dreams for the future. Below are some further explanations of the prompts. And if it feels overwhelming to do every prompt, pick a few (or even just one!) and work on them to work on all week. Give yourself breaks if you need them. Take your time and enjoy the process.

  • Things I am grateful for: No matter how bad things seem, there are always things in our life we can be thankful for. Draw one or more of them!
  • Reasons to celebrate: accomplishments, good news, and big or little wins. What reasons do you have to celebrate?
  • My big dreams: What’s something you really want to do? Illustrate one of your big goals or dreams, realistic or far-fetched! 
  • Something that makes me feel… (choose an emotion): Pick an emotion, whichever one you’d like, and illustrate something that makes you feel that feeling.
  • My personal symbol: For me, its a happy, colorful rainbow. Do you have a personal symbol? If not, what would it be if you did?
  • Something that scares me: It can be a literal phobia, like heights, or spiders. Or it can be a fear that is holding you back from achieving your big dreams.
  • What I love about me: If you skip any prompts this week, DON’T skip this one! Take some time to love on yourself. Illustrate something (or things) you love about yourself.

Week 35 | aug 24-30

present & future

Mon: things I am grateful for
Tue: reasons to celebrate
Wed: my big dreams
Thu: something that makes feel… (choose an emotion)
Fri: my personal symbol
Sat: something that scares me
Sun: what I love about me

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

We’ve got a Facebook group just for participants of Making Art Everyday and all things Bardot Brush! Come join our group of supportive artists of all skill levels, share your work, ask questions, and be a part of the community!