Week Twenty-Four

Let’s talk about leaving the warm, lovely, enveloping, yet creatively throttling place that is your comfort zone.

It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re participating in Making Art Everyday, you are already pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. The space just outside your comfort zone is the space of learning and growth. You spend enough time in this “space of growth” it eventually becomes your new comfort zone. Just like a plant that will only can grow to the size of it’s pot, you’ll get stuck again if you remain stagnant. Take small steps each day that feel a little unusual or challenging. You can stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone infinitely. The things that once felt awkward and difficult will one day come to you with ease.

What to Do

  • This week’s prompts are designed to tackle something we haven’t previously done in Making Art Everyday: landscapes and environments. This can be a little intimidating if you are used to drawing a simple object. This week is a good chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone. See the tips below for how to attack your subject matter this week!

June Prompts


This week I’d like to show you how to use Pinterest as a reference image search tool. Doing a Google image search is great for finding basic, generic images of your subject matter, but Pinterest will return results that are beautiful and awe-inspiring. The prompts you find this week at makingarteverday.com are linked to pin boards full of inspirational photos that I have personally curated for each prompt. 

Take a look at the reference photos linked at makingarteveryday.com and find one that inspires you. Try to break that scene down into basic shapes and colors. Think about the scene in terms of background, middle ground, and foreground. Experiment with different brushes. Will a dry brush produce a convincing waterfall? Think about adding something for scale, like a tiny person, to make the environment feel big. Don’t worry about being too detailed, just try to capture the impression of that prompt.

Week 24 | June 10-16

Natural Wonders

Mon: volcano
Tue: waterfall
Wed: aurora borealis
Thu: desert
Fri: coral reef
Sat: canyon
Sun: mountain

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

NEW! Progress Trackers

 Use these handy images to track your Making Art Everyday progress! See at-a-glance all you’ve accomplished, and reflect on the work you’ve done at the end of the week. You can download them at bardotbrush.com/progress. There are also instructions about how to use them. Can’t wait to see your progress!