Perspective Worksheet

FREE Procreate Perspective Worksheet

Learn the difference between one and two point perspective, and when to use each one to convey a sense of depth and space. Learn how to use Procreate’s built-in drawing guides to make a perspective drawing. This worksheet is a .Procreate file to use as you follow along in my Procreate Perspective Tutorial.

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Want to learn more about drawing scenes?

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Scene School is a FREE series design to help you learn how to draw scenes, and discover your style, one piece at a time.Raise your hand if you are guilty of leaving white backgrounds on all your drawings! Do you feel overwhelmed by putting together a scene? Do you want to tell more of a story in your illustrations? Scene School is here to help!

This series was created in conjunction with the Making Art Everyday challenge. Each day for four weeks, we’ll have a different prompt to get you learning how to scenes characters. In this series we’ll be drawing a nature scene, a rural scene, an interior scene, and an urban scene.