Week fifty-three

Did you know tomorrow is Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day? Let me teach you how to make snowflakes the Procreate way!

How to Draw a Snowflake mini tutorial

Start by creating a square canvas (mine is 3000×3000 pixels). 

Turn on the Symmetry Feature

Go to the Actions Menu > Canvas > Toggle on Drawing Guide. Then tap Edit Drawing Guide. In the lower toolbar, tap Symmetry, then tap Options. Change to Radial, turn off Rotational Symmetry, and turn on Assisted Drawing.


Tap Done to go back to your canvas. Whatever you draw will be automatically repeated in all the other sections!


You can use the Quickline and Quickshape features to help you draw straight lines and angles. I also like to use the Eraser tool to create sharp corners on my angles.


Here are some snowflakes I made using this method! Get creative with the shapes and look up examples of snowflakes for more inspiration.

Once you draw your snowflakes, color and finish them however you’d like!

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December's Theme:


Week 53: Crafts, Cards, Celebrations

It’s a short week for MAE so all I wanted to say here is that I wish you the most relaxing week ever. Cuddle up on the couch with some blankets and your iPad and enjoy some creative time. Stay tuned for announcements about MAE 2022!

As a reminder, each prompt this month is an actual holiday that occurs on that day in December!

The Prompts

Week 53 | Dec 27-31

crafts, cards, & celebrations

Mon: Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
Tue: Card Playing Day
Wed: Tick Tock Day
Thu: National Bacon Day
Fri: New Year’s Eve

This piece was drawn using my built-in Procreate brushes and my Skillshare Paper Cut Class!

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

This Week's Tutorial

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This Month's Progress Tracker

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(its a .Procreate file, so you can keep track of your progress right in Procreate!)

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