Well, 2020 is finally coming to a close. ūüôĆ It was a rough year, that’s true, but it wasn’t all bad. For these last four days of Making Art Everyday, I thought it would be good to recognize some of the awesome things that happened this year in the world of pop culture. Sooooooo…I wrote you a not-so-little poem about the good things of 2020:

Although it seemed like all was grim
There was some good in 2020
If its hard to remember the good
Hold on tight cause there was plenty

Astronauts went into space,
Celebrities remade Princess Bride
Wearing sweatpants all day long
Pollution going down worldwide

Implementing curbside pickup
Voter turnout super high
Grandma learned to talk on Zoom
Christmas lights up in July

Lizzo kills it on the flute
Tiger King and Joe Exotic
A female VP was elected
Lots of puppies got adopted

Murder Hornets weren’t a problem
Tom hanks didn’t die from COVID
Whales returned to New York City
TikTok userbase exploded

Goats were taking to the streets
Authors reading books on Twitter
Tons of time for sibling bonding
Porch pirates got blasted with glitter

Many welcomed brand-new babies
Lots of walks around the block
Music from Italian windows
Sweet messages in sidewalk chalk

Barbie dolls were gender-neutral
Rainbows up on every window
Being grateful for our teachers
Redefining who’s a hero

Our girl Zendaya won an Emmy
House plants got to watch an opera
Time together as a family
I finally learned to make lasanga!

Doing work in my pajamas
Fresh Prince cast was reunited
Lots more people going vegan
Extinct tortoises were sighted

Black Lives Matter got us marching
Fighting for equality
Standing up for what is right
 And making change in policy

People drinking coffee whipped
Using bidets instead of TP
Disney family singalong
Watching Hamilton on TV

Ted Lasso was oh-so wholesome
Baby Yoda made us “awwwwww”
Dolly Parton was an angel
Lots of people learned to draw

And I guess now UFOs are real?
Fleetwood Mac and Ocean Spray
Baking lots and lots of bread
Harvey Weinstein locked away

Laughing hard at Tiger King
and Four Seasons Total Landscaping
The Good Place had a great finale
Schitt’s Creek won at everything

Queens Gambit making chess exciting
Albums from T.Swift and GaGa
Borat made another movie
Netflix gave us Floor is Lava

People starting brand-new hobbies
No more working in a cubicle
We played a ton of Animal Crossing
And made Ratatouille into a musical

Drive in movies made a comeback
Webcam animals at the zoo
Distilleries made sanitizer
The COVID vaccine was approved!

So yeah, we lived through a pandemic
This year was a heavy one
We all hoped that it would end quick
But here’s to an awesome 2021!

December Prompts

pop culture

Week 53: Good Things of 2020

BONUS WEEK! There are a few days left of 2020. I know it’s been a rough year for everyone. Ok, maybe that’s an understatement. We’ve heard it all year long: “This year’s a dumpster fire,” “worst year ever,” “uggghhhhh…can it just be over??” It was so easy to focus on the negative aspects of 2020, it was easy to miss all the good things that came out of it. For these last four days of the year, I want you to focus on the good of 2020. This week, each prompt is the same: draw something good that happened this year. Things that made you laugh, smile, or feel good. Check out my poem above for some ideas! Our prompts this month were based on pop culture things, but you can draw anything good that happened in your life too.

Week 53 | dec 28-31

good things of 2020

Mon: a good thing from 2020
Tue: something that made you smile in 2020 
Wed: something awesome from 2020
Thu: something that made you feel good in 2020

I’m sharing my Ratatouille the Musical art again¬†because I loved it so dang much. One of the best things to happen in 2020 IMHO.¬†This piece was drawn using brushes from my¬†Gouache Paintbox.

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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