Week 5

Welcome to week five and a new month of Making Art Everyday! How did you do last month? Remember, it’s okay if you didn’t do every prompt. MAE is about making art an “everyday” thing. So if you only drew once or twice, celebrate those wins! If your goal is to draw more this month, I’ve got some exciting things planned to help you along your art-making journey!

MONTH's Theme:


About this month’s theme: This month will be dedicated to drawing all types of animals! We’ll practice learning how to draw from memory – which is a learned skill that involves using lots of reference photos in the beginning.

Monthly Project:

Draw a Pet Portrait

Focus on those furry facial features and draw the portrait of your favorite pet using a photo reference! Get the full details with lots of helpful tips on the Project Page below.

The Daily Prompts

January 31 - February 6

Theme: Forest Friends

Week 5 Prompts

Mon: bear
Tues: owl
Wed: fox
Thurs: deer
Fri: squirrel
Sat: raccoon
Sun: skunk

You can access each week’s prompts, with quick links to reference photos at makingarteveryday.com

This piece was drawn using my Gouache Paintbox brush set for Procreate.

Weekly Goal

If you only do one piece this week, try this:

Draw a Bear

This tutorial will give you the foundation to draw a subject in your own stylized way. You’ll learn how to draw a bear and it will provide you with a method to draw other animals too! It’s the perfect way to jump into this month.

More Tutorials

If you enjoyed the Foundations of Style video and want to draw a bear in a new style give this Polar Bear drawing a try.

If bears aren’t really your thing, try drawing this cute little squirrel. I’ve made a short 60 second video that shows you my step-by-step process for drawing this squirrel.

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