Week forty-nine

Making Art Everyday is about setting aside time each day to maintain a creative practice. Whether you do that by drawing something different every day or spend each day working on something more involved, all those days add up to something spectacular: a more creative YOU.

For the past month, we spent a whole week working on a single piece through Scene School and I was BLOWN AWAY by the artwork you all created! There were SO MANY amazing pieces you all created. Every artist that participated put their own personalites into their scenes, and each one was unique and beautiful. If there is one thing I hope you’ve learned from Scene School is that making artwork with a lot of intricacies and details takes time and effort to create, but it’s entirely possible if you take it one step at a time.

What to Do

  • Be sure to join the Making Art Everyday // Bardot Brush Facebook group to browse the recent work of your fellow MAE artists! It’s a wonderfully supportive group filled with folks of all skill levels. Comment on some pieces and share some work of your own

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December Prompts

pop culture

From blockbuster movies to internet memes, there are certain things we all seem to know about, talk about, share with each other, love (or love to hate) as a collective society. December’s MAE theme is…

Pop Culture!


Pop culture is a collection of things like entertainment, media, technology, music, fashion, entertainment, slang, etc., that are experienced by the majority of a population. In December, We’ll be exploring the world of fan art and making tributes to movies, shows, characters we love, and some of the good things that entered mainstream culture this year. (And worry not, there will be some holiday fun in the mix!)

Week 49: That Special Series

This week, you’ll be creating some artwork inspired by television. Choose one TV series and spend a week creating an ode to your favorite show. Here are some ideas: Simpsons, Friends, The Office, Game of Thrones, X-Files, Schitt’s Creek, Stranger Things, LOST, Golden Girls, The Muppet Show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, Sesame Street, South Park, Mad Men, I Love Lucy.

If you are not sure how to approach this week, just do an image search “(insert popular TV show) sticker pack” and you’ll get the idea. 😜 Feel free to mix up the prompts based on whatever works best for the show you choose.

A note about copyright and fan art

While it is not illegal to create things based on an existing Intellectual Property for personal use, selling or making a profit from these creations usually is. As always, it is your responsibility to check with the laws in your region. Here is a great article to check out if you want to learn more

Week 49 | nov 30 - dec 6

that special series

Mon: hero/protagonist
Tue: props or objects
Wed: costume
Thu: building/location
Fri: quote or catchphrase
Sat: sidekick
Sun: mode of transportation

This piece was drawn using my Gouache Paintbox and textured with Magic Paper.

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

We’ve got a Facebook group just for participants of Making Art Everyday and all things Bardot Brush! Come join our group of supportive artists of all skill levels, share your work, ask questions, and be a part of the community!