I’ve talked a lot about taking breaks when things get too overwhelming, and the importance of taking care of yourself. But how do you dive back into an ongoing project once you’re feeling more rested?

With many things you set out to do, the hardest part is getting started. After you’ve taken a break in the middle of a project, sometimes it can feel like you’re back at the start, trying to muster up the motivation to begin. For me, it helps to start with something small and fun. Choosing a part of the process you really enjoy might be enough to have you diving back in.

If you find yourself needing to take a break from making art every day, first of all…don’t feel bad! We all need a rest or a change sometimes.
When you’re ready to begin again, go through the prompts you missed and pick one that seems fun to you. Or draw your own idea! This might be something you’ve drawn in the past that you really enjoyed or something you’ve been itching to draw!

If you make art with physical media, give yourself a bit of time to break out the paints and pencils and simply make some marks on paper. It can be very creatively invigorating! I did this the other day, and it was so fun! And with this month’s prompts, it might be an excellent chance to bust out the ol’ paper and pencil!

November's Theme:

sketching from life

Welcome to November! For this month, I thought it would be good to get back to basics and focus on the skill of drawing. Drawing involves the act of observing a thing and reproducing what you see using line and value. When making art on an iPad, it’s natural to want to utilize all the colors, brushes, tools, and features it has to offer, but it’s highly beneficial to sometimes strip all of that away and focus on the fundamentals of image-making. So this month’s Making Art Everyday theme is Sketching from Life!


Week 45: Sketching from Life pt. 1

For November, our prompts are things you’d find in your everyday life. The challenge is to find that item, and draw it as you see it. I recommend sticking to a simple pencil brush, but do what is most comfortable to you! The last day of each week will give you the opportunity to get a bit more creative by taking your favorite sketch from the week and fully finishing it with color. As always, you can interpret the prompts however you wish, but I think you’ll get a lot out of your art-making this month by focusing on sketches! Have fun!

The Prompts

Week 45 | november 1-7

sketching from life pt. 1

Mon: a piece of candy
Tue: a bottle
Wed: a shoe
Thu: something from your fridge
Fri: a craft item
Sat: a chair
Sun: finish your favorite sketch of the week

This piece was drawn using my Pencil Box brush set for Procreate.

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

This Week's Tutorial

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This Month's Progress Tracker

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(its a .Procreate file, so you can keep track of your progress right in Procreate!)

You’ll find instructions about how to use the Tracker at the link above. I even made you a star stamp brush for you to use! It’s my Procreate version of a gold star sticker.

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