Week forty-one

Takin’ it easy on myself with the email this week because my brain is fried.

Mental and emotional fatigue of living through 2020 is the real deal.

What to Do

  • Go easy on yourself, seek out little things that bring you joy, and reach out to others if you are feeling low. Humans are naturally compassionate beings and deep down we all want to support each other. 

This week I’ll be live Tues Oct 6th, at 10:00 am PDT 


Let’s have some fun experimenting with color! I’ll teach you about Procreate 5x’s new Gradient Map feature, and how to play with unexpected colors using blend modes. It should be fun, I hope you’ll join!  I’ll be using my new brush set,  Artist’s Pastels

The best place to catch the live stream is on the Bardot Brush YouTube Channel.  Don’t forget: You can watch or re-watch the previous livestreams on my Live tutorials page on Bardot Brush! 

October Prompts

genres + perspecties

Genres month continues with this week’s theme: ROMANCE! I think we can all use a little lovey-dovey-ness in our lives right now.  How about watching your favorite romantic movie or rom-com this week to get you in the mood for some romantic drawings? Remember, our “plus” challenge for the month is to try to compose your illustrations with unique perspectives. Here’s the Pinterest board I made to inspire you:

Week 41 | oct 5 - 11


Mon: flowers & chocolate
Tue: hug
Wed: love letter
Thu: kiss
Fri: grand gesture
Sat: wedding
Sun: what love looks like to you

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

We’ve got a Facebook group just for participants of Making Art Everyday and all things Bardot Brush! Come join our group of supportive artists of all skill levels, share your work, ask questions, and be a part of the community!