Week Four

It’s our last week of food month! Last week I shared a little insight about becoming more adept at finding inspiration, so this week I wanted to share a resource that always inspires me when it comes to creating food art!


Check out the account @theydrawandcook and the hashtag #theydrawandcook as well. They Draw and Cook is a site where artists worldwide submit illustrated recipes and food-related artwork. If you are really into drawing food, I highly recommend checking out the They Draw and Cook community!

January's Theme:


About this month’s theme: I always kick off MAE with food as our first theme of the year! When you’re getting into the habit of drawing, it’s a great way to start. Food is universal and instantly recognizable. Whether you wish to draw something simple or detailed, there is a lot of room to get creative.

Monthly Project:

Make an Illustrated Recipe

It’s our first project of the year! Choose your favorite recipe (I’ll also provide some options!) and create an illustrated recipe. Get the full scoop about it below.

The Daily Prompts

January 24-30

Theme: Something Sweet

Not gonna lie – sweets are my one true vice. I love to indulge in sugary confections on the regular. But you know what I love to indulge in more? Getting lost in doing something creative. Some days your drawing time will feel more like dessert – perhaps a reward for a busy day of work. Some days it will feel like a salad – hard to get yourself to choose it, but it makes you feel great in the end. Whether you view your time spent drawing as a treat or a discipline, you’re going to get the most out of it by consistently showing up.

I also love DRAWING sweets, so I have quite a few tutorials for you this week! See below!

Week 4 Prompts

Mon: ice cream
Tues: cake
Wed: popsicle
Thurs: donut
Fri: candy
Sat: cookie
Sun: your favorite dessert

You can access each week’s prompts, with quick links to reference photos at makingarteveryday.com

This piece was drawn using my Gouache Paintbox  brush set for Procreate.

Weekly Goal

If you only do one piece this week, try this:

Draw a donut!

Are donuts as irresistible to you as they are to me? In my life I’ve eaten a lot of donuts and I’ve drawn a lot of donuts. Check out my latest tutorial to learn how to draw a yummy pink donut!


More Tutorials

In this video you’ll learn how to draw a piece of cake in a painterly, illustrated style using digital gouache.

This tutorial uses an older version of Gouache Paintbox, but If you’ve purchased the set from my site, you’ll find a download of the older version in your account!

More Tutorials

Live Tutorial!

DATE @ 10:30 am PST


Description if two columns are needed.

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