Week thirty-NINE

Crap is a fertilizer.

Last week I shared how I’ve had a pretty crummy outlook toward my work lately. It got me thinking about this quote I heard from a friend a while back, and I wanted to re-share:

Are you just starting out and think your work is, ahem, crap? Yeah, we all feel that way. Anyone who ever got good at anything would look back at their early work and cringe. We all start out making crappy work. But crap is a fertilizer, and fertilizer helps things grow. The work you’re doing now is helping you grow your skills and blossom into the artist you will become. So keep at it!

What to Do

  • Look at an old piece or two of yours you think is “crappy.” Analyze them and see if you can identify any lessons they have taught you.

September Prompts

School + Applied ARt

For our last week of school-themed prompts, I thought we could dig into some more school subjects! What was your favorite subject in school? Or extra-curricular activity? If you haven’t found it in this month’s prompts, feel free to replace one of these prompts with a school subject of your choice! 

Week 39 | sept 21-27

school subjects

Mon: math
Tue: physical education
Wed: visual arts (pottery, photography, etc.)
Thu: language arts (reading & writing) 
Fri: drama
Sat: music/band
Sun: sports

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