Week 37


September's Theme: Back to (Art) School

Week 37: Lunch

Remember when food was fun? This week, the MAE drawing prompts are all things you’d find in a school lunch. What did you have in your childhood lunchbox? Did you ever play with your food? Maybe your took your Oreo cookies apart and ate the center first. Or maybe you had a blast pulling apart you string cheese. Channel your inner child and have fun with these prompts!


Week 37 Art School Subject: Color

Last week’s Art School Subject was all about paying attention to the basic shapes that make up everything. This week we’re going to take it to the next step and add color!


Challenge: Create a "Color Rough"

One of the best ways to choose color for your artwork is to create a color rough. This allows you to weed out weak color combinations before you spend time drawing with the wrong colors. Think of this exercise like you’re creating a color plan so that when you sit down to draw you don’t have to make any on-the-spot color decisions.


New Courses + Tutorials Added to the Course Library!

I just posted a NEW Spooky Cat Tutorial on YouTube! Get ready for spooky season while drawing this cute cat scene in Procreate! Get some practice using some of Procreate’s most essential features like layers and alpha lock. This fun tutorial is great for beginners or anyone that wants to get into the spooky spirit.


New Courses + Tutorials Added to the Course Library!

If you’re an Art Maker’s Club member… hold on to your hat, because we’ve got a handful of downloadable goodies just for you!


Art Maker’s Club enjoy:

  • Ad-free, early access to the tutorial
  • The exact Color Palette I used
  • Procreate file download of the piece

This means that members can dig into the layers, watch my time-lapse, and get a closer look at how the brushes were used.

Week 37: Lunch

Daily Drawing Prompts

September 12 - 18








juice box






cafeteria tray

You can access each weeks prompts with quick links to reference photos at makingarteverday.com.

Weekly Goal

If you only draw one piece this week,

draw sandwich!

Sam Aker created this school lunch illustration using my Multi-tonal Markers. “These brushes have made me a color maven! I’ve gotten to know color in Procreate on a very intimate level because of the way these brushes encouraged me to pick colors. I’m obsessed with using them!”


This Week's Featured Brush Set

Useful Color Tutorials

Want to learn the best way to use color in Procreate? This tutorial will show you a few ways to use and make color palettes + access to my Free Procreate Color Palette Library!


Learn how to draw this cute crab with my Multi-tonal Markers. This set will get you comfortable with color quickly. In this tutorial, I show you how I select colors when using this multi-tonal set of brushes!


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