Week Thirty-Six

This time of year feels very transitional. In my part of the world, summer is coming to a close and seasons are starting to change. My oldest kid just started kindergarten (!!!), and we’re finding our way with the new routine. Everything feels like a new chapter is unfolding and it’s all pretty darn exciting to think about what the future will hold.

What is your feeling toward the future? I’m sure you decided to start a daily drawing practice because you wanted your future to look a little different than your present. Perhaps that imagined future was vastly different (a new career?), or maybe you only wanted to add a little sprinkle of creativity to your routine. How far into the future are you looking? A focus on this week or this month is jut as important as dreaming about years from now.

What to Do

  • Take a moment this week to revist the goals you might have set at the beginning of the year. Have you accomplished any yet? Ready to let any of them go? (P.S. It’s 100% ok to let go of goals that no longer serve you). Feel like there are any new ones you want to add?
  • ​Write down all of this so you can revisit these revised goals in another few months!

September Prompts


Welcome to fashion month! For September, we are exploring the diverse world of things we wear. This week is all about drawing different items of clothing. I’ll be honest, I could’ve easily done a whole MONTH of prompts for EACH of these. There are a lot of possibilities with these very general prompts, so here are some ideas about what to do with them!

  • You can draw the item of clothing flat, all by itself (like I did with the pants, below) or you can draw the clothing on a body (human, animal, or something else!)
  • Sketch out several silhouettes of the prompt in a very simple way, with only one or two colors. Here is a very nice illustration that does just that!
  • Draw a whole bunch of that item of clothing in full color with a bit of texture and simple line work on top, like I did with the pants.
  • Pick a decade and use the prompts to draw something from that time period.
  • Draw something from your closet for each prompt.
  • Draw a piece of clothing you’ve been wanting to buy.
  •  Are you a budding fashion designer? Design an item of clothing from your imagination!

Don’t worry about accessorizing or drawing outfits just yet (unless you want to, of course!) we’ll be getting into that as the month progresses. To help you out I’ve made a Pinterest Board packed with resources about How to Draw Clothing. Refer to it all month long!

And for reference photos this week, I’ve made a Pinterest board for each item of clothing filled with a ton of diverse examples.

Week 36 | Sept 2 - 8

Items of Clothing

Mon: pants/trousers
Tue: skirts
Wed: shirts
Thu: coats & jackets
Fri: dresses
Sat: sweaters
Sun: underwear

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

Week 36 progress Tracker

Track your Making Art Everyday progress! See at-a-glance all you’ve accomplished, and reflect on the work you’ve done at the end of the week. Visit bardotbrush.com/progress to download the monthly tracker and weekly reflection sheet. There are also instructions about how to use them.

Procreate Community: Learn // Draw // Share

We’ve got a Facebook Group full of amazingly supportive artists, from all skill levels.