Week thirty-six

This week my nearly 4 month-old baby rolled over for the first time. For a few days, I’d been watching him make many attempts, only to fall onto his back again. It made me think of what a simple task this is for my two older kids, myself, and most people. It reminded me that we all start out not knowing how to do things. Even an Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast once couldn’t roll from their back to their stomach. 

I posted a little video of my son’s struggle (and ultimate success!) rolling over to my Instagram. This was the caption: “Just in case you need a reminder that hard work, persistence, (and a little encouragement from others) really does help you accomplish great things. And that which seems to be so easy for some, was once a challenge for all of us. Don’t give up just because it’s new and seems difficult. You can do this!”

Keep making art every day, and understand that the struggles are part of the process. One day, what seemed difficult will come easy to you.

What to Do

  • Unless you literally started drawing today, you probably have a growing body of past work. Look back at where you started! Go back to the very beginning and find some of your first drawings. Chances are, you’ve come a long way! Better yet, head over to the MAE Facebook Group and share one of your first drawings along with your most recent.

September Prompts

school + applied art

Welcome to a new month and a new prompt theme for MAE! We’ll be getting back to some simpler prompts so you can focus on technique, style, experimentation, etc. Making Art Everyday is all about learning, and this month we’ll be learning in more ways than one! September’s prompt theme is…


But, once you know something…what do you do with that knowledge? You find a way to apply it in your life. If you’ve been spending your days making art and are starting to wonder, what can I do with this art? Well, that leads me to this month’s “PLUS”…

Applied Art

Applied art simply means the application of art or design to objects of function or everyday use. Of course, you can create prints of your art to put on your wall, but what ELSE can you do with your art? It turns out there is a LOT you can do with it! This month, I’ll introduce you to some things you can do with your art, from turning them into patterns to print on fabric, use in home decor items, make stickers, design apparel, animations, and so much more. You can look forward to some tutorials and live workshops this month about how to do some of these things! Is there something you want to do with your art you’d like to learn about? Reply to this email with your ideas and requests!

So, your “plus” challenge for September will be to investigate some ways to apply your art and maybe even try one or two out for real!

And a P.S. to my fellow parents of kids in school right now. Stay strong. We’ll get through this. 

Week 36 | Aug 31-Sept 6

school essentials

Mon: backpack (and what’s in it)
Tue: school bus
Wed: locker
Thu: school lunch
Fri: art supplies
Sat: computer
Sun: desk

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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