Week Thirty-Four

Do you make art simply for the joy of it? Or are you honing your skills in order to put them to use making professional work? For me, the two are very much intertwined. I’m the type of person that likes to learn things, and once I fall in love with them, I like to push them in my life as far as they can go. I like to put my joy to work because I so greatly value finding joy IN my work. But I often miss doing things SIMPLY for the joy of doing them, and I find myself trying to maximize every second of my time and effort.

So today I just wanted to say (in case you are like me and you really need to hear it) that it is 100% OK to spend your time on something you love with absolutely no productivity or financial goal in mind. The joy you receive from doing it is worth the time spent. It all boils down to valuing yourself, and providing yourself with the self-care of doing joyful things. I hope you have been finding joy in making art daily!  

What to Do

  • Take stock of why you decided to establish a daily art-making practice. Whether you want to improve your creative skills to help you in your career, or just to find the joy of creativity, all reasons are valid and important.
  • Try to discover if there are feelings of guilt tucked inside your reason, and if you need to adjust your view toward yourself and how you are spending your time.
  • Find some time to do something JUST FOR YOU this week.

August Prompts


Some buildings are more functional than others. Some buildings have jobs of their own! These buildings might have built-in mechanics, or serve a very specific purpose. This means they usually have a very unique shape or iconic form. Let’s get to work!

Week 34 | Aug 19-25

Buildings with Jobs

Mon: lighthouse
Tue: observatory
Wed: windmill
Thu: waterwheel house
Fri: barn
Sat: factory
Sun: your current or former workplace

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

Week 34 progress Tracker

Track your Making Art Everyday progress! See at-a-glance all you’ve accomplished, and reflect on the work you’ve done at the end of the week. Visit bardotbrush.com/progress to download the monthly tracker and weekly reflection sheet. There are also instructions about how to use them.

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