Week Thirty-Four

Cathartic (adj.) providing relief through the open expression of strong emotions, especially after an overwhelming experience.

My mission in the work I do is to help others find a means of self-expression through art. When I have gone through difficult times, creating something has helped me make sense of my experience. Creativity – drawing and writing specifically – is the primary way that I process what is going on around me and in my head. 

My brain often feels like a scramble of thoughts: good thoughts, bad thoughts, hopeful thoughts, expectations, fears, worries, anxieties, excitement, and more. It’s only once I stop and take the time to interpret my thoughts through creativity, that I can understand them, use them productively, refute the ones that seek to tear me down, and move forward through life with things in perspective.  

Shining a mirror at your life is not easy, especially when you are going through something difficult (as we all are, hello 2020). I hope you can think of responding to this month’s prompts as a cathartic process: to release some feelings you’ve been holding on to and paint a picture (literally and figuratively) of what tomorrow might look like. 

What to Do

  • As far as history goes, artists and creators are some of the most significant contributors to how time is remembered. Dig deep and do your best to respond to the prompts this week. Although it might seem hard as you’re doing it, these very personal mementos will be incredibly meaningful years from now.

August Prompts

Time Capsule

This week we are taking a closer look at what we are experiencing as our world was turned upside down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

This week’s prompts were inspired by the artwork of Ava Puckett, in particular this piece about what gets her through quarantine. Ava’s simple illustrations that express big feelings prove that the little moments of life are important and worth documenting. Take a scroll through Ava’s Instagram feed and feel inspired as you approach this week’s prompts.

Week 34 | Aug 17-23

Pandemic Diary

Mon: activities that get me through quarantine
Tue: who’s in my COVID bubble
Wed: things I miss
Thu: stay-at-home fashion
Fri: frustrations
Sat: the first thing I’ll do when it’s over
Sun: a silver lining

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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