Week thirty

I hope last week you enjoyed flexing your imagination muscles while making characters from inanimate objects!

Inanimate object characters present their own unique challenges, but I hope you found creating them to be a lot of fun! If you missed it last week, we did a fun live tutorial where we drew a sassy banana character. Check out the tutorial below!

And in case you are just tuning in, Character Camp is a series of prompts, guides, and tutorials to help you design and draw your own original characters. This month we’ll be exploring a variety of character types: humans, animals and creatures, and even inanimate objects.

Here’s what you can expect for the rest of the month:

Week 1: Creating a human character, one piece at a time
Week 2: Creating characters from animals and creatures 
Week 3: Creating characters from inanimate objects 
Week 4: Aging a character, from infant to elderly (current week)

I didn’t realize this month had 5 weeks, so there will be a BONUS week of Character Camp!

Week 5: Character emotions and actions

What to Do

  • I know you have been working SO HARD on your characters this month! (me too!) Take a moment to be proud of yourself and keep up the good work. 🙂


July Prompts


This week for Character Camp we are learning all about how to make a character look like it is a particular age. There are a few key things to know that will make it really easy to have the character you are drawing come across as a child or an adult. For this week, I’ve put together a video tutorial that teaches you how to manipulate facial and body proportions to draw characters at different ages, from infant to elderly.

What to do for Age-a-Character week


1. On Monday, practice how to age a face by following along in the How to Draw Characters at Different Ages tutorial. Just do some sketches of a simple face from infant to elderly to get yourself familiar with how to draw the different ages.

2. For the rest of the week, choose a favorite character that you designed earlier this month. It can be a human character, animal, or inanimate object.

3. Spend each day drawing THAT CHARACTER at the different ages. Get creative with your character’s outfit for each age, activities it might be doing, etc. Have fun imagining your character’s life!

Don’t forget to visit the Character Camp home page for more details!


Week 30 | July 20-26

aging a character

Mon: age-a-face
Tue: baby
Wed: kid
Thu: teen
Fri: adult
Sat: middle-age
Sun: senior

Psst…Be sure to use the Character Camp page as your guide this month!


You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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