Week three

Ffion Evans has been Making Art Everyday since its inception in January 2019. Not only does she show up every day to draw, but she also shows up with nuggets of wisdom and words of encouragement for the MAE community on the regular. If you need creative motivation, or you just want to admire her wonderful, whimsical artwork, I highly recommend giving her a follow on Instagram.

As we head into week 3, your initial excitement to draw every day might be starting to wane. In this week’s email newsletter, I wanted to share a recent post of Ffion’s. I think it’s a message we all need to hear:

“Around now is a point where lots of people are starting to lose their momentum. The new year’s high has worn off, maybe the first drawings didn’t go so well, or you’re not feeling inspired by any of the prompts. Maybe you missed the start of the challenge or missed a day or fell off the wagon over the weekend, and now you feel you might as well not bother because you’re such a failure. Right? Wrong!

Creating is hard. You’re facing the unknown in the form of the blank page every time, and your brain hates it. You are creating something from practically nothing. That’s hard!

It’s called the Making Art Everyday CHALLENGE. You’re aiming to do more than you thought possible, or you could have carried on as before. You’re pushing yourself to do something you thought you couldn’t do. You’re testing the limits of your skills and what you think is possible for your art. It is supposed to be challenging, and chances are mega high that you will make mistakes and get derailed along the way quite a few times.

Your brain doesn’t like change. It is going to give you a million reasons why you should quit. It’s not as fun as you thought, it feels hard, you’re not inspired, everyone else is doing better than you, you missed a day, you’re a failure, your art is crap anyway.
This. Is. A. Lie. Your brain will lie to you because it is uncomfortable, and it will do everything in its power to make you stop. Your brain will tell you you suck, that this is boring and will tempt you with all sorts of easy way outs. Sometimes you’ll even have really good excuses that everyone would understand, like getting sick. You can still show up even on really bad days and still make art. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you’re not inspired. It doesn’t matter. It’s the showing up that counts.

A year of drawing is a really long time. Chances are high there will be terrible scribbles and missed days. It doesn’t matter. Choose the next prompt and show up again. Re-commit and learn from mistakes so you can do better next time. Be firm but kind towards yourself. Let your brain have its tantrum. And then sit down and draw anyway.”

You can follow Ffion on Instagram, read her archive of motivational writing on her website, and support her by purchasing art prints and tutorials.

January's Theme:


Week 3: Sweet Treats

Not gonna lie – sweets are my one true vice. I love to indulge in sugary confections on the regular. But you know what I love to indulge in more? Getting lost in doing something creative. Some days your drawing time will feel more like dessert – perhaps a reward for a busy day of work. Some days it will feel like a salad – hard to get yourself to choose it, but it makes you feel great in the end. Whether you view your time spent drawing as a treat or a discipline, you’re going to get the most out of it by consistently showing up.

I also love DRAWING sweets, so I have quite a few tutorials for you this week! See below!

The Prompts

Week 3 | jan 11-17

sweet treats

Mon: ice cream
Tue: cookie
Wed: cake
Thu: popsicle
Fri: donut
Sat: candy
Sun: cupcake

This piece was drawn using brushes from my Awesome Alcohol Markers brushes for Procreate.

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

This Week's Tutorial

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The best place to catch the live stream is on the Bardot Brush YouTube Channel. Don’t forget: You can watch or re-watch the previous livestreams on my tutorials page on Bardot Brush!

This Month's Progress Tracker

You can always download the current month’s Progress Tracker at bardotbrush.com/progress

(its a .Procreate file, so you can keep track of your progress right in Procreate!)

You’ll find instructions about how to use the Tracker at the link above. I even made you a star stamp brush for you to use! It’s my Procreate version of a gold star sticker.

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