Week twenty-nine

 You have made some awesome animal characters this past week! 

It has been fun seeing the personalities you’ve given your animal characters from last week’s prompts. In case you missed it, I wrote an article all about turning animals into characters. Also, be sure to watch the animal character video tutorial we recorded live on Wednesday. 

Check out the Animal Character video tutorial!

And in case you are just tuning in, Character Camp is a series of prompts, guides, and tutorials to help you design and draw your own original characters. This month we’ll be exploring a variety of character types: humans, animals and creatures, and even inanimate objects.

Here’s what you can expect for the rest of the month:

Week 1: Creating a human character, one piece at a time
Week 2: Creating characters from animals and creatures 
Week 3: Creating characters from inanimate objects (current week)
Week 4: Aging a character, from infant to elderly

What to Do

  • Be sure to give yourself rest when you need it. We’ve been going pretty intensely with character creation this month so far and it’s a lot of brain work! Don’t feel bad if you need to take a day off. However, keep up with the art-making habit if you can. Spend some time doing some simple doodles instead.


This week, I’ll be live Wednesday at 10:30 am PDT

I’ll be going live again this week, teaching you about creating characters from inanimate objects! The best place to watch is on the Bardot Brush YouTube channel. Below is a direct link to this week’s stream!

July Prompts


This week we are creating characters from inanimate objects! Lifeless objects might not seem like they’d make great characters, but they actually give you TONS of room for imagination! I’ve written a tutorial all about how you can turn an object into a character. Be sure to read refer to it as you work on your characters this week. And don’t miss this week’s live tutorial where I’ll walk you thought drawing an inanimate object character: Wednesday at 10:30 am PDT.

What to do for Inanimate Object Characters week


  1. There is a prompt for each day this week. The prompts are meant to be slightly open-ended. Choose an object to use for your character that fits the prompt — don’t overthink it, choose what you are most familiar with. 

  2. Imagine a universe around this object. (See my article above for help!)

  3. Make a few quick, rough sketches 

  4. Finish your favorite sketch! 

    Here are some ideas for the prompts:


Kitchen utensil: ex. Fork, spatula, egg beater, cheese grater
Some type of ball: ex. bowling ball, beach ball, bouncy ball, ball of yarn
Writing or drawing implement: ex. Pencil, pen, highlighter, paintbrush
Food item: ex. vegetable or piece of fruit, pizza slice, ice cream cone
A plant: ex. Houseplant, tree, flower, mushroom
Musical instrument: ex. guitar, tuba, flute, drum 

Don’t forget to visit the Character Camp home page for more details!

Week 29 | JULY 13-19


Mon: kitchen utensil
Tue: some type of ball
Wed: writing/drawing implement
Thu: food item
Fri: a plant
Sat: musical instrument
Sun: artist’s  choice!


Psst…Be sure to use the Character Camp page as your guide this month!

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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