Week twenty-five

My business was born out of my desire to develop as an artist. This desire birthed my entire platform of helping others to learn and grow with me. It started nearly four years ago from nothing, and has grown into a platform that touches tens of thousands of people. Lately, I’ve been wondering how I can use this platform to do more. How can we all help each other to become a stronger, more united creative community?

As an artist, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to keep going without others’ support. So I’ve decided to start a series called “Support an Awesome Procreate Artist”. Every week we’ll be featuring a different Procreate artist — sharing their artwork, an interview getting to know them, and most importantly, telling you the best ways to support them as an artist.

The purpose is to share not only their work and their insights about being creative, but to also provide you with the best ways to support them and implore you to take action. 

There are lots of ways to support other artists. Some cost no money, such as following them on social media, sharing their art in your own circles, engaging with their art through comments and conversations, and writing reviews. If you’re able, support them with money by purchasing their prints or products, backing them on Patreon, asking for a commission, and more. Additionally, each featured artist will be receiving a free Master Bundle, plus one to pass along to another artist in the community. 

I am dedicating the first four weeks of this series to celebrate amazing Black Procreate artists, and I cannot wait to start sharing the wonderful people we’ve found — their words and their work. I’ll be sharing the selected artist on our blog, Instagram feed, and right here in this newsletter.

The truth is you guys, the more we support one another, the more we lift each other up, and the stronger the creative community becomes. My mission has always been to help others find courage through creativity by discovering the artist within. I believe that creativity, bravery, and action are the keys to making the world a better place for all.

P.S. In the future I will be sharing a way for you to nominate a Procreate artist that you know and love, stay tuned!

What to Do

  • Think about who inspires you! What other artists have been influential to you in your own creative journey? What ways can you support those artists?

June Prompts

Nature + Limitations

Let’s keep going, and let’s keep growing! I’ve got some plant-related prompts for you this week. Just a reminder, our “plus” challenge for June is to impose limitations on yourself for each prompt. I would start by committing to just one limitation before you begin. You might find yourself adding more restrictions as you work on your piece, and that is totally ok! Just be sure to hold yourself to that initial limitation you set no matter what. That is where the creativity comes from!

For limitation ideas, check out my article, 20 Limitations to Boost your Creativity.

A word about my dandelion example art below. I decided my limitation for this prompt would be to draw entirely with my left (non-dominant) hand. This felt so strange! It forced me to work very slowly and with intention in each stroke. I used a pencil brush to draw the plants, then colored it in using Gouache Wash from my Gouache Paintbox for a pencil/watercolor look. The end result is very loose and messy, and I really like it! I’ve always struggled with keeping things loose in my art, and this helped me to embrace all the imperfections that were the result of having less control.

Week 25 | june 15-21

lets keep growing

Mon: sprout 
Tue: bamboo
Wed: dandelion
Thu: seeds & pods
Fri: berries
Sat: thistle
Sun: your favorite flower

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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